A Friends Confession- 2AM

When the group “One Day” was disbanded (almost immediately after being announced) they were split into two groups: 2AM and 2PM. While 2PM got most of the members and focuses on the hip-hop style of music, 2AM is strictly a ballad group, singing emotional songs.

Lyrics: 4/5
The song is about always being there for the girl as her friend and helping her whenever her boyfriend hurt her. However, it is pleading to the girl to realize that the one who comforts her all the time is the one who truly loves her. The song is a confession of love and a plea for her to accept it. The singing is brilliant, but I took a point off because the song is rather simplistic, and it follows the trend of most ballad songs released at the same time: Secretly being in love with your friend and begging them to see you.
I’d rather protect you/ though I don’t know if it’ll make it better/ this time I’ll hold you/ and love you, that’s what I thought/ Baby, come to me now/ and be my lady/ I’ve watched you for so long/ I just stood there not saying a word/ and hiding my pitiful heart/ as a friend,  to remain as friends, I had to push/ the confession down my throat/ but I’ll confess to you now/ I love you

Dance: NA
As 2AM is a ballad group, they do not dance in their songs beyond some coordinated hand motions.

Picking the girl up after she was thrown down on a rainy street

Story: 5/5
The MV takes place with the members standing near the camera looking into the room where they watch the girl fight with her boyfriend, him hurt her in some way, then her sitting crying on the couch. The members come in and sit next to her or put their hands on her shoulder, trying to comfort her. The background acting is subtle so as to avoid drawing focus from the MV and is simple enough that it is quite easy to follow without getting confused.

Overall: 4/5
The MV to me is just OK. It doesn’t really showcase the members vocals with the song, and some of the shots feel too crowded. Also, the dark set and the dark clothes make it difficult to see the members sometimes.

Other Interesting Things
I don’t really have anything to say about this MV, it is simple and there are no surprises or particularly inventive set/costume/lighting/or camera shots used. It’s a good MV, but not one that is particularly memorable over other songs of it’s type. The 2 AM boys did a great job, and their performance is perfect, but I don’t think it is the best MV out there.

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