Blue Tomorrow- Super Junior M

Ok, this is one of my FAVORITE MV’s of all time, even though there is no dancing and the song tells most of the story.

Lyrics: 5/5
This song is about loosing the one you love, and not being ready to let go. It is a slow ballad and it’s absolutely beautiful. The lyrics talk about remembering the good times of a relationship lost. They reflect hope that in the future (tomorrow) things will go back to the way they were. It is a heartbreaking song, and completely amazing I think.
Beside me, the loneliness is spreading/ my sight, became blurred by tears/ the sentence “I love you” is kept at the bottom of my heart, at the tips of my lips/Until tomorrow, you will leave my side/ Until tomorrow, I’ll be wishing alone to the shooting star/ like the ending of a movie/ who predicted how we would end up to be like this?/ The promises that were shattered into pieces/ The yesterday that is impossible to piece back/ Yet I am still hoping for a miracle to happen, oh no/ But you became further and further away

Dancing: NA
There is none! While this group usually dances, this song contains no choreography, like most ballads.

Story: NA
The story is not told through any video within the MV, but it is in the lyrics. The MV shows the men sitting miserably or standing staring off into space with mournful expressions.

Overall: 4.9999/5
Muted colors, somber expressions, everything in this MV is brilliant. It lost a very small point because of a change in expression (I’m picky about that). After shedding his tear, the leader (Hangeng) smiles slightly. This doesn’t seem to fit with the pace of the song, which never really turns cheerful. But it could just be me, maybe others won’t see that as a happy smile, but as a somber one. You choose.

Other Interesting Points
I love the costumes. They are muted colors, the sharpest one being a faded light blue. I think they convey the tone of the MV strongly, and work extremely well.

Camera angles during the MV are incredible. The director likes to line up two who are singing consecutively, shoot the first one in the background with the foreground out of focus, then snap the focus onto the closer one and blur the background. This fits the song well, and it is cleanly done, which gives the whole effect pretty well. Unfortunately in one of these shots the guy coming into focus was looking away from the camera, so all you get is the back of his head~

This MV was shot within the same three day-two night period as the groups other MV “SuperGirl”, which is very upbeat and includes hard dancing. Despite how exhausted the group must be, it doesn’t show in their faces and they are completely focused on the song. Unlike in many MVs, the people who the camera are not on do not go blank-faced and lose their expression, each member acts as though the camera remains on him. This keeps the theme going and is brilliant.


  1. #1 by donghae on December 21, 2010 - 3:42 pm

    i like suju so much.Donghae is most cute..luv you all…^_^..

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