Minah, Bonamana (Beautiful, Obviously)- Super Junior

I was totally impressed by this MV, but for many different aspects.

Lyrics: 5/5
This song is perfect. It’s edgy and fast paced. The lyrics are about confessing to the girl you love (“Minah” meaning Beautiful or Beautiful Girl). They are cocky without being arrogant and are quite romantic. The lyrics imply a previous relationship with the girl, be it as friends or just acquaintances. The guy feels rejected by being ignored, and is making a final plea (which is quite catchy).
Bounce to you, bounce to you/ My heart is racing towards you so fast that it cannot be caught/ Break it down to you, down to you/ my heart is yours, if I can’t have you, it will stop/ Look at me/ Do you see me or not? Do you see me or not? / A man like me/ You neglect me, you neglect me, you neglect me, even if you look back/ Even if you look and look, look and look, there’s no one but me/  Obviously, Obviously, Obviously (baby you turn it up now)

Perhaps the point and punch move wasn't so well planned~

Dance: 5/5
The group performs this dance perfectly in sync, which cannot be easy with 10 members! The dance is snappy and the skill level looks solid across, no lags and no difference in pace. The dance has a very old feel, reminiscent of the gang dancing in the beginning of “West Side Story” at parts, though the choreographer said the style was ice skating. My only complaint in the dance goes to the choreography itself, not the execution of it: The move of hitting the fist and some of the popping moves make it look more like if the woman does go to the man she’s going to be beaten up, not very romantic! But it still looks cool and makes the guys look cool, which is perhaps what it was meant to do.

Story: NA
This MV doesn’t have a story outside of the one in the lyrics, it is just a display meant to charm the girl into falling for them.

Overall: 5/5
The lighting, the shots, the costumes, everything in this MV is amazing. It has no back story shown within the MV, but you don’t lose focus at all, once the MV starts you have to watch it all the way through.

Other Interesting Things
Ok, whoever the lighting director was for this MV was a complete GENIOUS! The group dances are done on a dark reflective floor under a light which travels front to back in a wave. The light is constantly changing, like a swinging lamp. In solo shots the effect is repeated, making it almost hypnotic and creating the mental image of someone standing by you as traffic passes or walking next to you.

I like the costumes! The differences between the costumes are subtle to the point where you do not always notice that they’ve been changed. With the change in costume is a change in style, usually from a softer look to a sharper one. Very cool!

This MV is Super Junior’s first since debut which did not include every member (three are missing for those of you not familiar with the group). It has been getting very mixed reviews because of this. While the MV is always reviewed positively, there is always someone lamenting about the absence of the three members (One is concentrating on acting, one is entering the army for his service required under Korean law of all men, and one is currently in a lawsuit against the company for their extremely controversial and restrictive contracts). I would just like to say that they did an amazing job and people should recognize that, not dwell on what or who isn’t there.


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