No Ttaemune (Because of You)- After School

This MV is perhaps one of the most addicting. But not all of it is particularly excellent in my opinion. I’ve broken it down to review it in full-

Lyrics: 5/5
For those of you who haven’t seen, “No Ttaemune (Because of You)” is a song not about falling in love, not about breaking up, but about reflecting back on the person you loved and realizing you still love them. The lyrics beg the mystery man to return, as well as lament about loosing that love.  I think the song is good because it is fresh content you don’t see often. While personally my mindset is “Move on!”, I like the tone the music takes.  Unlike many songs of this nature, “No Ttaemune (Because of You)” does not go with a soft slow beat, but has a fast pace and an almost angry tone, though the lyrics do not often reflect this.
“Because of you I cried a lot/ Because of you I also laughed a lot/ Because of you I believed in love/Because of you, because of you, I lost it all/ It’s really o-o-opressive, s-s-suffocating, a-a-asfixiating/The world without you/ It chewed out my heart, it crushed my pride/ It ripped my heart apart, why did you leave me?”

Dancing: 4/5
More than the lyrics, it is the dance of “No Ttaemune (Because of You)” that earns the MV constant replay. The dance itself is strong and precise, reflecting the pain the lyrics reveal. My personal favorite moment is during “o-o-opressive, s-s-suffocating, a-a-asfixiating”. The dance is together and powerful, and conveys extra meaning to the song. It looses a point however for being a bit leader-focused, as she is the center of almost all the action in group shots.

What does this have to do with a broken heart? I have no clue~

Story: 1/5
While the song is good, and the dancing is good, the MV story takes on a very “Wait, what?” attitude. After watching it the viewer is totally confused. While it seems initially to have been about a love between two of the members of the group, it is not clear what exactly drew them apart, or if they are moving on from this love together or what the hell is supposed to be going on. Also, in the end is a man sitting in front of his TV watching them with pictures all round of members, as though he is the one they were singing about. While each shot individually fits the story (for the most part) as a whole it does not fit together and seems under-developed.

Overall: 2/5
The dancing and the lyrics gave this MV points, but what is holding it back is the story. It just doesn’t make sense to me. The song and the video go closely together, so you can’t help but link them. However, when the video part makes absolutely no sense, it just ends up confusing.

Other Interesting Things:
I liked the costume changes between the black background and the white. You have to watch the MV to get it, but each members costumes are similar, they are just reversing the colors. They are not exact, but it looks good and doesn’t distract the viewer.


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