After Love- FT Island

This MV has a strong edgy feel mixed with a slower backing. And unlike some other FT Island MVs, there are lots of group shots and shots of the other members ^^

Lyrics: 5/5
This song is about abandoning hope in a relationship after being betrayed by the girl. The lyrics are powerful and show fierce regret and pain at being taken for a fool and left with nothing. Despite this they beg the woman to come back, acknowledging their pain and saying they wait for the woman, calling even the breakup a lie.
Everything’s a lie, it’s all a lie/ your love is all a lie/ because I’m hurting like this/ Because you hurt me like this/ it’s a love that causes tears/ you’ll only love me/ you’ll protect only me/ your love is all a lie/ you took my whole heart/ took all my love even/ it’s a love that leaves

Dancing: NA
FT Island is not a dancing group. It has three guitarists, a drummer, and a lead singer.

Story: 5/5
There is some semblance of a story in this music video. While most of it is carried by the song, you get shots of each member experiencing pain with a breakup in different ways (one member is in the hospital with a broken arm). They become violent, hitting the ground, the bed, or a punching bag, and eventually all gather together at the edge of a tunnel facing the sunlight, a metaphor I guess for moving on, but all turn back into the dark.

Overall: 3/5
The only thing keeping this score down is a lack of variety in the shots. The same shot seems to be repeated over and over again with very little change. I would like a little more from the director for this MV.

Other Interesting Things
Some FT Island MVs feel more like showcases of the lead singer, with few shots of the other members. This MV had a very strong balance, showing each member fairly and proportionately, and there were even group shots. It was refreshing to see more of the other members.

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