Such a promising trailer, such a bad movie. “Bolt” proves that Disney really shouldn’t do anything without the consent of Pixar (Though now that the head of Pixar is in control of Disney maybe they’ll fix this little issue). A glorified “Homeward Bound” remake, the only saving point of the movie is the overly enthusiastic Rino the Hamster. But even he can only carry the movie so far. 

Children will love this film, but those of us who have been around for 13+ years know the story backwards, forwards, and upside down: annoying dog runs away, dog learns lesson, dog makes friends, dog goes home, happy-happy joy-joy. It would be a better DVD-release movie than a theatre movie. 

All in all, “Bolt” isn’t something I would recommend paying money to see (unless you have children). It really isn’t worth the money. I recommend waiting until it is on Disney Channel. Or just watch “Homeward Bound”, same story, more entertaining. 

Acting: 2/5
Like I said, Rino the Hamster is the only saving point in this. I think the actress who played the cat did a pretty good job, but her character was just far too underwritten. And don’t get me started on what idiot thought it would be a good move to hire Miley Cyrus. 

"Mommy, is it done yet?", "No Timmy, this is the beginning.", "Aw, damn."


Plot: 1/5
They loose major points for lack of originality. Disney seems to be working hard to get back to their roots, and more power to them for that, but they just fell flat on their faces here. 

It isn’t a horrendous movie, it’s just dull and overdone. We’ve all heard this story before, and Bolt brought nothing new to the table.

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