Rant #2 – TV and Film Rating Standards

This is an issue I noticed a long time ago and it has been bugging me, so I’m going to vent.

Since I was a kid (I’m only 19, but since I was like a TINY kid) TV and Film ratings have changed a lot. Within the last 2 years this has become particularly troubling to me. Words that would be bleeped or get censored on TV14 programs are now being used in TVPG ones. PG-13 movies sound more and more like R rated movies, and PG have moved up to PG-13 as well.

I don’t understand why this is happening. I mean, I understand the difference between PG-13 and R rated movies today, there is a pretty big difference, but I don’t understand why the rating system changed. I know you are thinking: the times change, so the ratings do to. Kids see more now than they did 10 years ago in everyday life, but I don’t accept that.

Yeah, kids see more than they used to, they grow sooner than they once did, but it is the media who is pushing that. Kids hear older language because shows are upping the language.

Shows still don’t use the stronger words (The F-word, P-word, and C-word), but you are seeing all the others. In a single episode of, say, Family Guy, you can hear “Hell”, “Shit”, and all other manner of curses repeated over and over again. This is ridiculous.

We need to keep a mind for our children, and not just our own personal mindset. Kids shouldn’t be exposed to such harsh language when they are too young to understand it fully.

While I’m on that path, why is there suddenly so much sex on TV? Five years ago a dirty scene was when two people were lying in bed fully covered. Now you see them having sex (and sometimes the audio is there too). While you never see full frontal (unless it is HBO or Showtime), you still see more skin than previously.

Why are we putting sex on TV? Are the script-writers really so untalented they need to use a sex scene or two to meet their time limit? Perhaps they should go find some talented writers who know how to fill the time with actual stories, advance the plot or make it a little more complex. Sex scenes may draw perv viewers, but people will remember a program longer and appreciate it more if it actually has a story.

I really hate how media in the US is going. Everything seems to be becoming F*** this and F*** that.

Also, the portrayal of the mentally handicapped in programs is horrible. While movies aren’t as bad (I’ll address that later) TV shows are becoming ridiculous. In American Dad the main character’s best friend is supposed to be on medicine to make you “retarded”, not to mention the father in Family Guy, who was proven in an episode to be mentally handicapped. They portray people with disabilities as someone to be laughed at and who is there to entertain you. That is callous and disgusting. I have family who suffers from a mental handicap, and I really hate shows that make fun of people like that. Once again, the writers must be untalented hacks.

Other people who appear on TV are just short of mentally handicapped. For example, there is an MTV show called Jackass which is about people doing dumb things. In one clip I was shown for a university course a man put on a snorkel and went “Poo diving” in a septic tank for laughs. What kind of idiot directors are filming these pathetic losers??? They make it out that people are supposed to idolize these fools. You know what? We all know the guy who is Poo Diving has no girlfriend, that’s pretty much a gimme. Who would ever want something that sick?

Ok, so this turned kind of into a rant about what they show on TV, and not so much the rating standards, but I think they are the same. We need to stop showing so much crap on TV and clean it back up. Shows don’t need sex to tell a story, and if they do their writers are pretty crappy. Sorry there are no pictures, but how to you find an image to represent how sick and stupid our programs have become?

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