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Before you browse the page there are a few pointers:

This page was mostly inspired by my Aunt, who suggested I write reviews. I used to write them in notes on Facebook, but I kind of accidentally made this blog (it was a class assignment, I made a new one with my name instead of tweetweetbang) and couldn’t figure out how to delete it, so I thought I’d get back into the spirit of reviewing.

MVs- I’m going through the Music Videos I have on my computer, so the updating is going to be kind of alphabetical for a while. Each Music Video is classified as either “Chinese Language”, “Korean”, or “English”. I like more Korean bands than Chinese and I find English MVs can be horribly dull, so Korean groups will appear most often. After each MV review I include a link to the video, and a second link (if I can find one) to the same video with english subtitles added.

Trivia- A lot of the time in Music Video posts I have a bar at the bottom that says “Other Interesting Things”. When I first hear of a band I look them up on wikipedia. That is where most of my Trivia comes from (and the topic of my first rant). So if any of the explanations sound a little researched, it’s because they were. I really like knowing the story behind a Music Video, any controversy or stories. If I overload you with trivia it is because I find stuff like that fascinating, how people react to celebrities. I’m working on a Rant about that, but it might be too long, the relationship is very strange…

Books- I won’t review a book until after I’ve read it, so Books may be the least updated section (they take longer to read). I can always recommend authors, and sometimes I may do a post just featuring a single author or series of theirs.

Movies- This category should be the second most updated (maybe Rants beats it). I’m a film major, and so movies are important for me to study. I usually rate the acting and directing separately, because that it how I see it most of the time. I’ll also rate any categories where the movie stood out, be it in a good way or bad way.

Television- This will be one of those rarely updated topics, just because I have to watch the show first. For example, I really want to review “Queen Seon Duk”, a Korean drama, but it is a VERY long series and I’m still in the beginning of it, so I have to be patient until I’ve finished the whole thing. If I review the first season of a show, don’t expect a Season 2 review immediately after, it could take some time.

Rants- I have opinions too! The Rant section is actually where you’ll find the most wikipedia-researched topics (For example, Rant #1). The rants follow a theme: when I feel like writing them. If during a review I feel strongly about a point or issue, I’ll put it in the Rant section. And I tend to put lots of pictures, just because I like pictures, don’t you?

Oh- and I’m not the best speller in the world. Sometimes I even make up my own words. DON’T LEAVE COMMENTS CORRECTING MY SPELLING OR GRAMMAR! I don’t want to see it. I spell check my posts before I send them out, but if there is a mistake I miss, I just don’t care.

And finally- please feel free to argue with me. As long as you use COMPLETE SENTENCES I would love to hear what you have to say, but no profanity please! If you don’t have a wordpress blog, you can always just give them your e-mail address and post a comment. Or you can use a fake name and e-mail address and still post a comment (My personal favorite name when it is asked by a site is “Augusta Schlendorf”, because it is silly and funny to say).

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