Tik Tok- KE$HA

Ah, the epitome of the American Slut MV. As bad as the song is (not quality, as in the content), the MV takes it and makes it worse. It definitely sends the wrong image to kids and teens, and KE$HA looks TERRIBLE in it.

Peek-a-boo from hell

Lyrics: 2/5
I don’t think the lyrics are very imaginative, but they are catchy. The chorus isn’t bad, it’s a bit repetitive, but the verses between promote drinking among other things. I really don’t have anything much to say about it. I think if you kept the chorus and wrote a new song around it you could have a really great song that can be listened to by a wider range.
Don’t stop/ make it pop/ DJ blow my speakers up/ tonight, I’mma fight/ till we see the sunlight/ tic tok/ on the clock/ but the party don’t stop no/ Don’t stop/ make it pop/ DJ blow my speakers up/ tonight, I’mm a fight/ till we see the sunlight/ tic tok/ on the clock/ but the party don’t stop no

Is this supposed to be original? It's way too cliché

Story: 0/5
The MV shows KE$HA waking up in a bathtub of some random suburban family’s house. She gets up, stumbles out of the home, then trades a bike for some kids stereo. There is a HORRENDOUSLY cliché shot of her walking holding the boom box that makes me want to vomit. Next we see her sitting against a wall with the boom box while guys try to attract her. She falls for a creepy guy with a mullet and the rest of the MV are shots of him driving and her falling at him (totally drunk), then a party shot where she gets even more drunk and is throwing herself at him. All the MV does is glorify drinking and being drunk, and it makes KE$HA look like complete trash. I don’t know if she was trying to be cool, but it is a pretty epic fail. She looks like the stereotypical trailer trash girl.

Overall: 2/5
The song is catchy, but with the MV and some of the lyrics it all just amounts to one trashy video. KE$HA has no class in this MV and is relying purely on some kind of weird alcohol-induced sex appeal.

Other Interesting Things:
There are so many old cliché shots in the video it isn’t funny. In fact, I think you could piece together the entire thing from bad 80s MVs. There is no imagination here.

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