Artist Profile- Super Junior M

I know there is a whole uproar about if Super Junior- M counts as Super Junior, and you all know my opinion on the matter from “Rant #1- Only 13 Controversy”. For the purpose of the “Artist Profile” section I am dividing Super Junior from Super Junior- M (and Super Junior- H, and Super Junior- T, and Super Junior- K.R.Y., so don’t freak on me) since at no point does all or most of Super Junior appear in a Super Junior- M music video and vice versa (except for Don’t Don, which included all Super Junior and Super Junior- M members except for ZhouMi). And for the purpose of making my life easier- I’ll abbreviate it SJM from now on.

SJM stands for “Super Junior- Mandarin”, often abbreviated as “Super Junior- M” or just SJM. They are the third official sub-group of Super Junior. Initially they were to be called “Super Junior- China”, but shortly before the member list was announced SM Entertainment changed the group’s name. Since their debut in 2008 SJM has won many awards and members Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun have the honour of being the first Korean citizens in history to appear on a Chinese postage stamp.

During a three-day rest after returning from Taiwan for SuperGirl promotions in 2009, (former) leader Hangeng suddenly filed a lawsuit to have his contract with SM Entertainment terminated and, a few months later, made a solo debut in China. SJM’s album, which was to be released the next month, was canceled and for a time it was unclear if the group would be making a comeback. You can read Hangeng’s Artist Profile for more on this.

Just as with Super Junior, all SJM fans are referred to as ELF (Ever-Lasting Friends). The formation of Super Junior M created a division in the ELF fanclub which still exists to this day: Only 13 (who do not support the addition of Henry and ZhouMi as non-Super Junior members) vs Only 15 (who support Henry and ZhouMi. Many Only 15 members also encourage the addition of the two to the main Super Junior group).When asked at the beginning of “Me” promotions how he felt about the response to his addition from Only 13 ELF, ZhouMi said that as long as even one person cheered for him he would give his best effort on stage.

An issue with Only 13 anti-fans arose in early 2010 at the Shanghai stop of Super Junior’s Asia-wide Super Show 2 tour. This stop came shortly after leader Hangeng began his lawsuit to leave the group. During SJM performances the audience shouted against Henry and ZhouMi, forcing them to stop during a song and re-start when the audience quieted. At the end of the Super Show when Henry and ZhouMi were brought out for their bows fans resumed their chants. Super Junior and Super Junior- M member Siwon took a live microphone and shouted “Everyone Be Quiet!” angrily into it in Chinese. The fans were silenced and Super Junior members Heechul and Shindong began chants for ZhouMi and Henry respectively, making ZhouMi cry on stage and resulting in the first ever response from Henry to Only 13 ELF via his Chinese homepage. In it he asked them to imagine how hard it must have been to debut after being in Korea for only a few months and to face such hatred from the beginning. He said he could no longer be silent regarding the issue and could no longer ignore it and laugh it off. He asked all fans to understand his feelings once again at the end. Only 13 protests earned strong responses from the members of Super Junior as well. Member Heechul wrote a post about ZhouMi just after Super Junior M made their debut calling him his “cute friend” and describing how Hangeng brought ZhouMi to the hospital to visit him and ZhouMi began caring for Heechul during his recovery. Super Junior Leader Leeteuk has also asked fans not to protest Henry during Don’t Don promotions. Henry posted a message to member Ryeowook asking him to “not cry anymore” over the issues.

In 2011 SJM made their comeback with eight members, but AVEX, who manages them in China, has revealed that they won’t always be eight. According to their site SJM will now run with a “6+” format- meaning for each album other Super Junior members will be rotated in but the original six members will always be there.


1) Me (迷)
SJM’s debut album. The album name has multiple meanings in relation to the group itself. The “M” in “Super Junior-M” does not just stand for “Mandarin” (as in Mandarin Chinese, the official language of China), but also for “Me”, the first album name. The title song on the CD, “Me (迷)”, can be translated two ways. The regular english word “Me”, or the Chinese “迷”, which is pronounced the same as the english and means “Fan”.

Song List:
Me (迷)
~~While it is the title song on the CD, Me (迷) was not performed much as part of album promotions.
2) U
~~This song is a remake of Super Junior’s first hit single of the same name. It was performed as SJM’s promotional song.
3) 至少还有你 “At Least There’s Still You”
~~This song was performed often on shows during promotions. The song was never choreographed. SJM holds the record of being the first boy band to remake this song, though many female artists and groups have done so.
4) 你是我的奇迹 “Miracle”
~~This is a remake of Super Junior’s song by the same name, which was one of Super Junior (Super Junior 05)’s debut songs and also one of their most popular.
5) 爱你爱你 (Love Song)
~~This song was performed live very rarely (a shame, the choreography looks cute ^^). The Chinese version was written by SJM member ZhouMi.
6) 我抱着我 (In my Arms)
7) Don’t Don
~~This is a remake of Super Junior’s hit song of the same name. This song was never performed live, most likely due to the fact that Super Junior had just finished promoting their “Don’t Don” CD at the time SJM debuted.
8] Marry U
~~This song is a remake of Super Junior’s song of the same name, from the “Don’t Don” album. It is considered one of Super Junior and Super Junior M’s more successful songs, as it is popular to play at weddings. The Chinese version of this song was written by SJM member ZhouMi
9) 我的二分之一 (Full of Happiness)
~~This song is a remake of Super Junior’s song of the same name.
10) 渴望 (A Man In Love)
~~This song is a remake of Super Junior’s song of the same name from the “Don’t Don” album. The Chinese lyrics were written by SJM member ZhouMi
11) 这一秒 (The Moment)
12) The One
~~This song was specially written by SJM member ZhouMi for the Beijing Olympics, which began during SJM’s debut promotions
13) 迷 (Me) [Korean Version]
~~This song was performed live as part of Super Junior’s Super Show 2 tour.
14) 至少还有你 “At Least There’s Still You” [Korean Version]
~~This song was performed live as part of Super Junior’s Super Show 2 tour.
15) 爱你爱你 “Love Song” [Korean Version]

This is SJM’s first mini album. Due to the massive success of Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” album promotions, SJM members did not have time to record a full album before the intended release date. In order to allow the group to make their comeback on time, SM Entertainment chose 5 songs from the new album and released them as a Mini-Album (7 songs if you count the Korean Versions of two songs). The full album has been confirmed for release later in 2010 after Super Junior’s “Bonamana” promotions end.  The promotions for “SuperGirl” were cut short after SJM’s leader Hangeng filed a Contract Termination Lawsuit with SM Entertainment over their severely restrictive and controversial contracts. “SuperGirl” was nominated for  Best Singing Group at the Golden Melody Awards (yet to be held).

Song List:
1) SuperGirl
~~This song was performed numerous times by SJM during their promotions.
2)到了明天 (Blue Tomorrow)
~~This song was performed often as part of SJM’s promotions. In one memorable performance SJM member ZhouMi, who was suffering from exhaustion, missed the final note in his solo at the end, falling horribly off key. He stopped immediately, apologized, and the song was re-done perfectly. The reason it is remembered is due to SJM member Kyuhyun, who ended up on his knees on stage laughing and had to have another member finish his solo in the song.
3) 告白 (Confession)
~~This song was never performed live. It was written by SJM member ZhouMi
4) 动情 (Only U)
5) 爱情接力 (You & Me)
~~This song was never performed live. It was written by SJM member ZhouMi
6) SuperGirl [Korean Version]
~~This song was written by the legendary SM Entertainment songwriter Yoo Young Jin, the genius behind “Sorry Sorry”, “Ring Ding Dong”, “Gee”, “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)”, “Oh!”, and “TWINS (Knock Out)”. It was performed live by Super Junior on a music program. It was also performed live at the Asian Music Festival by SJM.
7) Blue Tomorrow [Korean Version]
~~This song was performed live by SJM at the Asian Music Festival.

Too Perfect
1) Too Perfect
~~This is SJM’s current promotion song. It was released on the radio early in Taiwan, since “Too Perfect” in Chinese is pronounced “Tai Wan Mei”~~
2) Destiny
3) Love Is Sweet
~~This was written by Chinese singer/songwriter Jay Chou~~
4) Off My Mind
~~This song was written by Henry and ZhouMi and is performed as a solo by Henry~~
5) True Love
~~This song was written by Henry and ZHouMi~~
6) My All Is In You
~~This is the Chinese version of the song by the same name from Super Junior’s “Bonamana”. The song was originally for the cancelled SJM album and was moved first to Super Junior because SM felt it would fit with them better.~~


Zhou Mi

ZhouMi is one of the lead singers of SJM and also works on albums as a songwriter and checks the members pronunciation of Chinese. He also worked heavily during early promotions as a translator for the Korean members. During “Me” promotions, SM Entertainment felt that ZhouMi was too withdrawn on stage and did not have as much presence in shows as other members. They threatened to pull him from SJM unless he doubled his efforts. ZhouMi managed to work as translator and increase his stage presence after that. He was trained as an MC by SM Entertainment and made his MC debut in 2010 with the show “Korean Impression” in which he takes the Chinese MC around to see various famous tourist and cultural spots in the country (they also filmed at Super Junior’s Super Show 3, Kangta’s press conference for his Beijing concert, and SM Town Live). ZhouMi is close friends with U-Kiss member Alexander (Xander) and Super Junior member Heechul. During Super Junior’s Super Show 2 tour in Shanghai Super Junior fans shouted against ZhouMi and chanted for the return of Hangeng. This resulted in ZhouMi having to stop onstage during a song and restart. When chants continued during the final bow Super Junior and SJM member Siwon got angry and shouted to the fans to be silent. Heechul then began chants in favor of ZhouMi, making him cry on stage. He is the only member of Super Junior M with no twitter account, though he frequently updates his Webio account. His fanclub calls themselves “Honeys” (I think I spelled that right…)


One of the most popular members of SJM, Donghae is the group’s second lead dancer. He is also a member of Super Junior as the third lead dancer. His inclusion in SJM was controversial initially due to an outburst in China during Super Junior’s “U” promotions. Crowded by fans, new member Kyuhyun was accidentally cut by fans, resulting in bleeding. Donghae pushed the fans back and cursed at them in Korean for injuring Kyuhyun. He is known in the group for his cute behavior ranging from singing in high notes into the microphone randomly, goofing around on stage with the members, and greeting his fans as “My darling babies” every time he introduces himself. Among his “Thanks” in Super Junior’s “Bonamana” he thanked ZhouMi and Henry, the first time either of them has been mentioned in a Super Junior album. Donghae is one of the Super Junior and SJM members with a confirmed twitter account under the username “Donghae861015”


“Simba” and “Shisus”
Initially Siwon held the greatest popularity in SJM along with member Hangeng. Before debut as a member of Super Junior, Siwon starred in the Chinese-Korean-Japanese collaborative historical drama “A Battle of Witts”, which gained huge popularity in China. He also starred along with Hangeng in Zhang Li Yin’s music videos “Timeless” (parts 1 and 2), “I Will”, and “Happiness Left Shore”. For some reason each music video features him responsible for Hangeng’s death. Siwon studied at Beijing University for three months before Super Junior’s debut to learn about Chinese language and culture. He credits this as what enabled him to grow close to former member Hangeng. After Hangeng’s abrupt departure and SJM’s comeback a year later it was revealed that he is the new leader of SJM. Siwon is one of the Super Junior and SJM members with a confirmed twitter account under the username “Siwon407”.


One of the silent members of SJM, Ryeowook is ironically one of the lead singers of the group. He is also a member of Super Junior. Ryeowook was chosen to be in SJM due to his high popularity in China. During “Me” promotions he was silent and often stayed close to members Donghae and Henry (earning them the nickname HenWookHae). SuperGirl promotions revealed a more playful side of Ryeowook until the promotions were stopped suddenly. He has a confirmed twitter account under the username “Ryeong9”.


The second “Silent Member” of SJM, Kyuhyun is also one of the lead singers of not only SJM but Super Junior as well. Kyuhyun initially did not dance much and was cautious on stage, as he was still recovering from severe injuries in a car accident a year before. He is known for speaking Chinese in small broken sentences, and is also the member who most often switches mid-sentence to Korean. Despite this he was chosen by SJM as the member who improved their Chinese most between “Me” and “SuperGirl” promotions (though after 1 semester of Chinese in college I can understand everything Kyuhyun says). He is often seated by member ZhouMi, who acts as translator when there are no professional translators. He is known among Chinese fans for his comical expressions and failed attempts at Chinese. His specialty is yelling the word “Waiter”, which fans chant at him. He has a confirmed twitter account under the (appropriate) username “GaemGyu”.


The youngest member of SJM, Henry actually made his debut performance with Super Junior as a Guest Member in “Don’t Don” promotions. His specialty is playing the violin while dancing. Henry is SJM’s third lead dancer. He was actually one of the first members of SJM to be announced, as SM Entertainment disclosed their plans to place him in the Sub-Group along with his appearance in Don’t Don. As Henry was not yet debuted formally he was made to wear his hair long to cover most of his face. During “Me” promotions he was to have the image of the youngest member and long hair as well. He credited this as the reason he keeps his hair short now. Henry acted as translator for the Korean members during “Me” promotions (though he did not know much Chinese himself, having come to Korea to train from Canada). He is known for his playfulness after admitting stealing member Hangeng’s underwear before and claiming on his fan page that ZhouMi was his new target. Member Ryeowook admitted to secretly having a lot of hatred towards Henry (as a joke) since he is the youngest and gets away with acting like it. Henry is one of the SJM members with a confirmed twitter account under the username “Henrylau89”. His personal fanclub call themselves “Strings” (as in the strings of a Violin). He gave his thanks to the Strings and Honey’s fanclubs when, after the Shanghai Super Show 2, the clubs joined together and wrote over 300 postcards encouraging him and ZhouMi. Since then Henry has appeared on the famous Korean program “Strong Heart” where he revealed several stories about Super Junior members and his welcome into the group as well as his experiences living with them for the past few years.



The lead dancer of Super Junior, Eunhyuk was added to SJM for the “Too Perfect” promotions. He is known for his powerful dancing, humor and MC skills. Eunhyuk was formerly the host of “Kiss The Radio” with Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk for 4 years. After beginning SJM promotions it was announced member Yesung would be taking his place for the duration of SJM promotions. Eunhyuk’s addition to SJM was known by the fans for a while, as he was one of the favorites to fill the gap left my former leader Hangeng, who was also one of Super Junior’s lead dancers. It was not until the official announcement was made, however, that fans got their confirmation. He is featured heavily in SJM’s new promotion song “Too Perfect”. Within Super Junior Eunhyuk has the image of being a playful and shy member. He was a permanent cast member on Star King and Dream Team, and is a permanent member of the show “Strong Heart”, though it is unclear if he will be replaced on the show during SJM promotions. He has a twitter under the username “AllRiseSilver”.

The final member added for the first rotation of Super Junior M, Sungmin has also been in Super Junior- T, Super Junior- H, and is featured heavily in Super Junior- K.R.Y., though he is not a formal member of that sub-unit. Sungmin did not appear much SJM’s comeback song “Too Perfect”, though he stood out in interviews. Sungmin specializes in both singing and dancing, and recently returned to the actors circle for the first time since debut with a role in the drama “President”, in which he plays the son of a Presidential candidate who wants nothing more than his father’s approval. Sungmin’s addition to Super Junior- M was leaked by One Way’s Chance, who posted a tweet about him while helping out with the recording of a song for SJM’s new mini-album. He is one of two member’s with no twitter, though he previously had one under the username “MyBlackSmile”, which was deleted once Sungmin felt it was too time-consuming to keep up.



Han Geng/ Han Kyung
Former Leader
Hangeng was the leader of Super Junior-M, being the eldest member of the group. He also worked on albums checking members pronunciation. During the group’s debut promotions he worked on stage as translator for the Korean members. He previously was Super Junior’s second lead dancer, and filled both positions simultaneously. He stopped performing with SJM after filing for Contract Termination with SM Entertainment. Hangeng revealed he suffered from digestion illness which SM Entertainment refused to allow him time off to recover from. His family was also treated differently from other Super Junior member’s families- being given seats in the back of theaters during Super Junior performances instead of in the VIP section, which he had to fight to have them moved to with the other members’ families. He filed his lawsuit without mentioning anything to other members of Super Junior or SJM, and has reportedly not contacted any of them since. This caused a further commotion when member Kyuhyun replied to this news online with the comment “Even a beast does not bite the hand that feeds it”. The members and SM Entertainment have said if he ever wishes to return to Super Junior or SJM they will allow it. . He said at a press conference that he feels his relationship with SM Entertainment can never be repaired and that he will never be returning to them. This ended ELF (Super Junior and Super Junior- M’s fanclub) hopes that Hangeng would agree to a new contract with SM if it was more fair. In February of 2011 the Korean courts founded in favor of Hangeng, formally ending his contract with them.

2008- Most Popular New Group (Music King Awards)
2008- Mainland’s Most Popular Group (Southeast Music Awards)
2008- Best Singing Group of the Year (CCTV-MTV Music Awards)
2008- Best New Music Group (Starlight Grand Ceremony)
2009- Most Downloaded Overseas Singer (2009 China Digital Music Awards)
2010- Manland’s Most Popular Group (2010 MusicRadio TOP Awards)
2010- Best Singing Group [Nominated] (Golden Melody Awards)

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