Artist Profile- Super Junior (Part 2)

Since Super Junior’s discography, awards, and member list are all SO LONG, I’ve split it up over two sections. For the discography section see Part 1.


Leeteuk/ Park Jungsoo

Real Name: Park Jungsoo
The Leader of Super Junior since their debut in 2005. Leeteuk’s name means “Special Person”. Since his real name is relatively common in Korea (the equivalent to Matt or Daniel in the US), Leeteuk decided to take on a stage name. The members teased him calling him “Special Person” and he chose to adopt this as his name. He was voted “Asia’s Best Group Leader” in 2009. He is known for his funny personality, as he always acts far younger than he is in response to members making fun of his age (as all groups do to their leaders). When Kyuhyun was added to SJ he announced that there would be no further changes to SJ (this has become known by the fans as “The Promise”). During “Only 13” protests he posted on his fanpage that he was tired of keeping The Promise, but as leader he had to. He was one of the more severely injured members in the April 2007 car accident, resulting in 170 stitches across his back and forehead. Despite his injuries he called for member Kyuhyun when he was being loaded into the ambulance (Kyuhyun was the most severely injured member). He was not to participate in the filming “Attack on the Pin Up Boys” due to his continued recovery. Using a fan website he found the filming location and drove to the set, where he was given a small cameo in the music video for the movie (he appears in Ryeowook’s panda costume at the end).  He is one member of Super Junior with a confirmed twitter account under the name “Special1004”. His largest individual fanclub call themselves JSHolic.


Only a few days younger than Leeteuk, Heechul originally held the image of “Flower Boy”, putting high emphasis on his looks. At his first interview though he revealed his personality and instead had the image of being funny, witty, and playfully bullying the other members. His close friendship with chinese member Hangeng earned him a large following in China. Heechul’s fanclub are called “Petals” or “Undead” and he reffers to them sometimes as his “Army of Psychos”. Heechul was severely injured in a car accident in late 2006 on his way to member Donghae’s father’s funeral. He bit his tongue to keep from passing out, not wanting fans to take pictures of him unconscious. As a result he had to get numerous stitches in his tongue. After Kyuhyun’s car accident Heechul revealed he had learned from the members’ parents that he was seen as difficult to befriend, so he made a strong effort to be closer to Kyuhyun. When Hangeng suddenly filed lawsuit against SM Entertainment Heechul considered quitting Super Junior, but several members who he did not consider himself friends with urged him to stay. At one point he left the Super Junior fan-cafe as he was being cursed at by other member’s fans due to his constant teasing of them. He has also expressed a desire to close his fanpage entirely in favor of his twitter account under the username “Heedictator”.

Yesung/Kim Jong Woon

Real Name: Kim JoongWoon
Just as with leader Leeteuk, Yesung’s real name is common in Korean Entertainment. He requested SM Entertainment give him a stage name. The name “Yesung” means “Art Like Vocals”. He is the official lead singer of Super Junior. For the first three weeks after debut Yesung was not captured on camera in a close up once. When he finally was caught for 6 seconds in a row his mother called him crying, he sites that as one of his best memories of debut. When the group debuted Yesung was suffering from an ulcer which required him to get shots after performances (he refused to be hospitalized). He is known by the fans for his failed attempts at being the serious member. Initially he had the image of being “Super Junior’s Charisma”, though the members revealed his odd manerisms (such as touching lips). He is also known for his comical dancing, which is often rapid-paced and resembles karate. Recently he gained popularity through his work in musicals, having starred first in “Namhamsamseong” and later co-starring in “Hong Gil Dong” with member Sungmin (they shared a role).  Yesung was involved in a scandal when a German reporter accidentally used his picture in an article about North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Il’s son, Kim Jong Un. SM Entertainment decided against filing a “Slander” lawsuit agianst the newspaper. Yesung is currently gaining large popularity for his solo song “It Has To Be You”, the theme song for a popular Korean drama titled “Cinderella Sister”. This song was ranked in the top ten on Korean music charts for several weeks. He is the most recent Super Junior member to establish a twitter account under the name “shfly3424”.

Kangin/ Kim Young Woon

“Bench Member”
Real Name: Kim Young Woon
Kangin’s image within SJ has always been the strong one (his name translates to Strong Benevolence). Kangin is sensitive about his weight, having lost 60lbs on a crash-diet just before debut (his name in Korean resembles the word for “Bear”, and he was teased greatly for this, prompting him to choose a stage name instead). He is one of Super Junior’s MC members and has hosted his own radio show previously. He shares the title of “Big-Mouthed Member” with leader Leeteuk, as he feels if a camera is on him for too long that he must reveal a member’s secret. Kangin was arrested for assault after a bar fight in late 2009. He was cleared of the charges however when CCTV footage revealed he actually tried to leave the fight, only becoming involved in self defense. Shortly after this though he was involved in a hit-and-run involving a parked taxi (no one was injured). He abandoned his car at the scene and turned himself in to the police. Due to his blood-alcohol content at the time he turned himself in he was charged with DUI and forced to pay a nearly $8000 fine. He chose to withdraw from Super Junior promotions over the next two years to complete his mandatory military service. He appeared one final time at SJ’s recent Fan Meeting to say goodbye to the fans. When SJ stood together to do their trademark greeting with him one last time he insisted they do it twice, as the first time most members were crying too hard to participate. He has reportedly adapted happily to military life and was named Squadron Leader for his training group. His fanclub call themselves “Chamomile”.

Shindong/ Shin Dong Hee

Real Name: Shin Dong Hee
Shindong is one of the most recognized members of SJ, due to his weight. Despite being one of the top dancers in the group (and choreographer of two songs), his initial appearance with SJ drew comments from the fans such as “Oh, he must be good at singing…”. Shindong has the image of being one of the funny members of the group and recently finished hosting a children’s program. He is currently hosting a solo radio show. Shindong is one of the more outgoing members of SJ. He was injured in the car accident of April 2007, though he was released from the hospital along with member Eunhyuk. With the release of Bonamana he caused a scandal as in his “Thank You” section he used a code (cracked within hours by fans) to propose to his secret long-time girlfriend. He has said if Bonamana sells over 100,000 copies he will marry her in October (the album met these sales in the first week). He continues to keep his girlfriends identity secret to protect her from anti-fans. He was the first Super Junior member to create a twitter account under the name “ShinsFriends”.

Lee Sungmin

Lee Sungmin
Sungmin is one of the 12 original members of Super Junior 05. He participated in the Sub-Groups Super Junior- T and Super Junior- H. Sungmin is trained as a singer and actor, though he has not taken on any acting roles except for Super Junior’s movie since he debuted. Sungmin came into SM Entertainment with Super Junior member Donghae, who he tied with in a “Best Outward Appearance” competition held by the company. Sungmin was originally supposed to debut in a group with Super Junior member Eunhyuk and DBSK member Junsu, but the group was scrapped shortly before debut (the CD was already recorded). Sungmin admitted this threw him into a depression where he stopped coming to practice for a long time. His image in Super Junior is that of one of the cuter members. He is one of two members to perform Chinese martial arts in dance routines. Sungmin deleted his twitter account and is now the only active member of Super Junior without one.

Eunhyuk, real name Lee Hyukjae

Real Name: Lee HyukJae
The lead dancer of Super Junior, Eunhyuk also does rap for the group. He writes much of his raps himself. Eunhyuk is also credited as one of the choreographers of Super Junior’s “Bad Girl (Boom Boom)” from their recent Bonamana album promotions. Eunhyuk was a member of Super Junior- T and Super Junior- H. He was injured in the April 2007 car accident along with leader Leeteuk and members Shindong and Kyuhyun, though he was one of the first members released from the hospital. He has the image of a strong and powerful dancer, but is also very sensitive. Eunhyuk cries almost every time Super Junior wins an award, and even admitted on a program to crying if he so much as sees a replay of the award on television. Eunhyuk is co-host of Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio, which is recognized as one of the top late-night radio programs and has been since 2006. His close friendship with member Donghae has earned them the nickname “Eunhae” from the fans, a nickname which he and Donghae both recognize and promote. Eunhyuk won the “Best Newcomer Award for Variety” in 2009 along with Super Junior leader Leeteuk for their work in “Star King”.  He is one of the Super Junior Members with a confirmed twitter account, his username is “AllRiseSilver”.


Another lead dancer in Super Junior. Donghae is also a member of Super Junior- M. He cited his father as the reason he became a singer, as it was always his father’s dream to be a singer but his grandfather would not allow it. When he decided to audition his father gave him bus money and told him good luck. Donghae has said if he weren’t a singer he would be a professional soccer player. He signed with SM Entertainment in 2001.  Shortly after Super Junior’s debut Donghae’s father fell ill. When Super Junior received their first award in their acceptance speech he told his father to get better. His father died shortly after. Donghae is one of the more sensitive members of Super Junior, usually being the first to cry on programs. He has the image of being playful and funny. Donghae’s nickname is “Fishy” because his name translates to the “East Sea”, among Chinese fans his nickname is “Puppy” because of his playful nature and looks. He held one of the lead roles in “Attack on the Pin Up Boys”, Super Junior’s movie. He is one of the Super Junior members with a confirmed twitter under the username “Donghae861015”.


Another member of both Super Junior and Super Junior-M, Siwon is considered to be one of the groups actors. He starred in “A Battle of Wits”, earning him great popularity in China. In 2004, a year before Super Junior’s debut, Siwon was sent to China for 3 months to study at Beijing University and learn Chinese culture and language. During this time he grew close to member Hangeng, who had to return to China to renew his visa. Siwon portrays the image of one of Super Junior’s more serious members, but during Sorry Sorry promotions the other members teased him for acting silly constantly off stage. Since then he has been a part of such gimmicks as carrying members off stage to beat up (as a joke), pinning members down during concerts and ripping their shirts off for the fans, and making comical faces. He is known as Super Junior’s “Gesture King” because of his habit of talking with his hands. Siwon is from a strict Protestant family and is very religious, earning him the nickname “Shisus” from fans. Super Junior members gave him the nickname of Horse due to his height and muscles.  Siwon also has a confirmed twitter account under the name “Siwon407”, which he updates mainly in English.


The “Eternal Maknae” or “Fake Maknae” of Super Junior, Super Junior KRY and Super Junior M. Ryeowook is actually the second youngest member, being older than member Kibum by two months. Ryeowook was discovered after winning the Chin Chin singing competition. He entered SM Entertainment as a trainee in late 2005. Several weeks before Super Junior debuted one of the members specializing in singing quit the group, chosing to remain a trainee. Ryeowook, who aspired to be a solo singer, was placed in Super Junior where he quickly recorded and learned the dance choreography. Ryeowook has said that being in Super Junior was a blessing, as now he feels being a solo singer would have been far too lonely. He has the image of being cute and taking care of the members (earning him the title of “Mom”). In the dorms he specializes in cooking for the members. He recently has shown the image of being a trickster and teasing the members more than before. He earned a “Best Comedic Performance” and “Best Supporting Actor” nominations at the Korean Movie Awards for his work in “Attack on the Pin Up Boys”. Ryeowook composes songs for Super Junior, with “Love U More” from the Sorry Sorry Album being his first composition to be officially released. He has a confirmed twitter account under the username “Ryeong9”.


“Fence Member”
Having originally debuted as an actor, Kibum’s debut with Super Junior was his second. He specialized in rap and also was revealed to be a talented dancer. Kibum was cast when he lived in Los Angeles, California as a model for SM Entertainment. He has acted in numerous shows and movies, the most recent being the film “Joomoonjin” in which he played the male lead. When Heechul was injured in the 2006 Car Accident he said Kibum spent many nights at the hospital with him, crying. Due to family issues Kibum returned to Los Angeles and did not participate in the promotions of Sorry Sorry, though he did appear in the music videos for the album. Kibum’s acting also kept him from Super Junior activities after he returned from LA, but he still met members at the SM Entertainment company building and called them often. In order to pursue his acting career he also did not participate in Bonamana promotions (this time not appearing in the music video either). He is nicknamed “Snow White” by fans (at Heechul’s urgings). He is the only member of Super Junior to never have been in a sub-group.


The current Maknae (youngest member) of Super Junior. Kyuhyun was discovered in 2005 after winning the same singing competition member Ryeowook won in 2004. He entered SM Entertainment where he was named one of the “Undergraduate” members of Super Junior meant to replace an existing member. However, SM Entertainment chose to keep the original members of Super Junior and added Kyuhyun before announcing no generations would be planned. Kyuhyun debuted with Super Junior’s first big hit song “U”. Barely short of his 1 year anniversary in the group he was severely injured in a car accident. His injuries were severe and he did not regain consciousness until 2 days later, and was unable to speak due to the shock of fracturing his hip and breaking his ribs, one of which severely damaged his lung. Kyuhyun made his comeback during “Don’t Don” promotions five months later. When he was in the hospital Super Junior member Heechul came to visit him, as he had just recovered from a car accident of his own. When he learned Kyuhyun had told his parents Heechul was difficult to get close to he made a strong effort to stay by Kyuhyun and they became close friends. He was made a member of  Super Junior M due to his high popularity. He is known for his witty personality and earned the nickname “GameKyu” for his obsession with online video games. He was the last active member to create a twitter account. His username (not surprisingly) is “GaemGyu”.

Former Members

Hangeng/ Hankyung

Hangeng was the only Chinese member of Super Junior. Being unable to speak Korean fluently, Hangeng initially did not make many friends in the group. He admitted to still being awkward with some. He grew close to members Siwon and Heechul. Hangeng was the first foreigner to debut in South Korea as a singer, and so he faced several visa-related issues. He was placed under restrictions on which programs he was allowed to appear on and had to return to China frequently. Initially he was to be pulled from the group, but he decided to keep performing with Super Junior, wearing a mask and hat to hide his identity. SJ members grew increasingly tense with this arrangement until, after one live performance, member Heechul pulled him to the center of the stage and took his mask off for the fans to see. Hangeng was silent and withdrawn for most of SJ promotions. After debuting as leader for Super Junior M Hangeng returned to Korea more photogenic and appeared in more variety programs. He developed stress and fatigue-related stomach problems which required him to be on constant medication and even caused hospitalization on some occasions. SM Entertainment refused to give him time to rest during this, which is seen as one of the key factors in his decision to end his contract with them. He did not tell other members of this plan and refused to answer all phone calls or e-mails for weeks after he filed the papers. He is currently awaiting the courts decisions and preparing to release a self-produced solo album. Hangeng said in an interview recently that he is thankful to SM Entertainment for giving him a chance to follow his dreams, but he feels the relationship with the company has been ruined by the unfair contract conditions. He therefore said he will not consider returning to the company or working with them in the future. Many members of ELF (Super Junior’s fan club) had hoped he would return to the group and were shocked by this news. When announcing his album at a press conference in June he invited all Super Junior members to attend his concert and claimed to have resumed communication with them, which he had stopped in an effort to prevent tension between him and SM Entertainment from increasing as it did during their lawsuit against former Dong Bang Shin Ki members Jaejoong, Mickey, and Junsu.

**Note: These are only some of the awards, as each album also won numerous top song awards in weekly music programs**

2006- Best New Group (MNet/KM Music Festival
2006- Best New Group (Golden Disk Awards)
2006- Best Music Video “U” (Golden Disk Awards)
2006- Best Group (Korean Television Awards)
2006- Most Photogenic (Korean Visual Arts Awards)
2006- Best New Group (MTV Seoul Music Awards)
2006- Mobile Popularity (MTV Seoul Music Awards)
2006- Best New Group (Digital Music Awards)
2006- Best New Male Group (SBS Song Awards)
2006- Mutizen Song of the Week (3 consecutive weeks, SBS Inkigayo)
2006- Top Song Award “U”  (2 Consecutive weeks, M.Net M! Countdown)
2006- Top Song Award “Dancing Out” (2 consecutive weeks, M.Net M!Countdown)
2006- Top Ten Songs “U” (6 weeks consecutively, Taiwan Music Charts)
2007- Artist of the Year (Mnet/KM Music Festival, Mnet Asian Music Festival)
2007- Auction Netizen Popularity Award (Mnet/KM Music Festival, Mnet Asian Music Festival)
2007- Netizen and Mobile Popularity Award (Mnet/KM Music Festival, Mnet Asian Music Festival)
2007- Best Album (Golden Disk Awards)
2007- TPL Anycall Popularity Award (Golden Disk Awards)
2007- Best New Asian Artist (Asia SEED Awards)
2007- Appreciation Award (Asia Song Festival)
2007- Best Male Dance Artists (Korea Entertainment Arts Awards)
2007- Best Dressed Singers (Korean Best Dresser Swan Awards)
2007- New Generation Artist of the Year (Korean Popular Entertainment Awards)
2007- Top Artist (Korean Popular Entertainment Awards)
2007- Asia’s Artist of the Year (Tencent Stars Magnificent Ceremony Awards)
2008- Best Red Carpet (2005) (Mnet/KM Music Festival/ Mnet Asian Music Festival)
2008- Special Recognition Award (Korean Popular Entertainment Awards)
2008- Entertainment: Asia Special Award (Asia Model Award Ceremony)
2008- Top Artist (Seoul Music Awards)
2008- Mobile Popularity Award (Seoul Music Awards)
2008- Favorite Artist: Korea (MTV Asia Awards)
2009- Overseas Viewers’ Award (Mnet/KM Music Festival/ Mnet Asian Music Festival)
2009- Mobile Popularity Award (Mnet/KM Music Festival/ Mnet Asian Music Festival)
2009- CGV Popularity Award (Mnet/KM Music Festival/ Mnet Asian Music Festival)
2009- Album of the Year “Sorry Sorry” (Golden Disk Awards)
2009- Best Album “Sorry Sorry” (Golden Disk Awards)
2009- Samsung YEPP Popularity Award “Sorry Sorry” (Golden Disk Awards)
2010- Hallyu Special Award (Seoul Music Awards)
2010- Popularity Award (Seoul Music Awards)
2010- Bonsang (Best Album) Award “Sorry Sorry” (Seoul Music Awards)

This is by no means all the awards Super Junior has won. Since debut in 2005 they have won over 48 awards.

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