G.I. Joe- Rise of the Cobra

surprisingly enough, this isn’t as bad a movie as it looks, if you see it with friends.

Plot: 3/5
The storyline is simple enough: a secret military organization is trying to keep nano-robots from the hands of their enemy who wants to use it to destroy the world. There is some complex political sub-plot running, but if you ignore that you won’t miss anything. This movie brings nothing new to the stage, but it is pretty ok. Think “Fantastic 4” and you’ve mostly got it. The special effects manage to make this movie look like SPAM, rather than old pork (good, if you’re in the right mood, rancid if you’re not).

Acting: 4/5
Channing Tatum saves the movie. If it weren’t for his excellent acting this video-game-like movie wouldn’t do as well as it did. He plays the lead character, you’re generic brooding guy who finds out his love is a baddie. For such a cookie-cutter character Tatum really manages to keep him alive.

Overall I think I would wait for this movie to be on cable before watching it again, just my personal opinion.

My Rating (With Friend): 4/5
My Rating (without friend): 2.8/5

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