Stage of Youth

This show is the slightly autobiographical tale of the show’s lead actor Han Geng, semi-former member of the wildly successful Korean boy band Super Junior (For more see “Artist Profiles- Super Junior”) and semi-former leader of Super Junior- M, a sub-group specializing in Mandarin Chinese songs. 

Plot: 5/5
Han Geng plays Xiao Lei, son of a former archery champion who is being forced to follow in his father’s footsteps. However, Xiao Lei has held a strong love for dancing since he was little, and finally manages to gain the courage to escape from his father and audition for a dance group which his friend Ah Boa is a part of. Arriving at the same time are two girls from Korea, one an archer, one a trainer for an entertainment company called to Beijing to find new talent after leaving her self-created superstar FLY. Ah Boa eventually tricks Xiao Lei into auditioning for the entertainment company and his career as a dancer takes off from there. 

Acting: 6/5
The story sounds kind of like a Disney drama, but the acting is incredibly above parr and is proof that Han Geng (Xiao Lei) is a lot stronger of an actor than he has let on previously. The story flows naturally, and at no point feels forced or rushed. Ah Boa is acted perfectly and his character brings laughter to each scene, even when he is being serious. 

Other Interesting Things:
Haha, this section is usually only in MV reviews, but oh well! Like I said this story is the slight-autobiographical tale of the lead actor. His story is that he was from a poor family and went off to a dance academy in Beijing so his parents wouldn’t have to work so hard to feed him. At the dance academy he was asked by a friend to come to a competition with him hosted by SM Entertainment. Han Geng went with the friend, danced and sang before the judges, and was given one of the top prizes. A year later he was contacted by SM Entertainment, who signed him as a trainee and flew him to Korea. So the stories aren’t exactly similar, but they are meant to be. 

L-R: Ah Boa and Xiao Lei


In the last episode we see Xiao Lei performing with another dance group on stage. This group is Super Junior-M, his group, and they are dancing the title song from their album that was released in China at the same time ^^ 

Show Link: Stage of Youth [English Subtitles]
**Note: Only the first 8/20 episodes have ever been subtitled and uploaded online**

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