What I’m Listening to~ Week 1

Not all great songs have MVs to rate, so I’ll post a list of 5 songs from each language I’m currently favoring and can recommend to you.

1) David Cook “Lie”
So lie to me and tell me that it’s gonna’ be alright/ so lie to me and tell me that we’ll make it through the night/ I don’t mind if you wait before you tear me apart/ but look me in the eye/ and lie, lie, lie
2) Phil Collins “You’ll Be in My Heart”
You’ll be in my heart/ yes you’ll be in my heart/ from this day on/ now and forever more/ you’ll be in my heart/ no matter what they say/ you’ll be here in my heart/ always
3) Brittany Spears “Every Time”
Every time I try to fly I fall/ without my wings I feel so small/ I guess I need you baby/ and every time I see you in my dreams/ I see your face, it’s haunting me/ I guess I need you baby
4) Barenaked Ladies “Big Bang Theory”
This song doesn’t really have a chorus. It is the expanded theme song for the hit show of the same name.
5) Bowling for Soup “High School Never Ends”
The whole damn world is just as obsessed with whose the best dressed and whose having sex/ whose got the money/ who gets the honeys/ whose kind of cute/ and whose just a mess/ and you still don’t have the right looks/ and you don’t have the right friends/ nothing changes but the faces, the names, and the trends/ high school never ends

I only have a few CDs in Chinese, and of them most of my favorite songs have MVs, so I will rate them later, so most of the songs will be from the same groups.
1) S.H.E. “How are Things With You”
I was unable to find a translation of this song’s lyrics
2) Super Junior- M “Confession”
Eyes sending,sending my love (sending love)/ distance being pulled a little, a little closer (pulled closer)/ woken up from my beautiful dream/so it’s actually a dream, please/ accept this sincerity (sincerity)/ don’t ignore it (ignore)/ there is no reason to (no reason)/ oh baby/ it’s not that I like spacing out, but my heartbeat races as soon as I see you/ so please quick, quick, quick, quick understand my love/ just let me/ accompany you everywhere, to look at the sea, then confess romantically/ quickly say yeah/ say say say/ say “I love you too”. ”
3. Super Junior- M “The Moment”
Until you unknowingly entered my life/ my love, meeting your gaze/ resurrecting the moments ahead/ this moment is enough to freeze any impulse/ using the most beautiful rainbow to exchange for your brightest smile/ my heartbeat increases for this moment/ my whole body is now in flames/ warming the hug I gave you YEAH
4. S.H.E. “Love Was Here”
I was unable to find a translation of this song’s lyrics
5. Super Junior- M “At Least I Still Have You”
**This is my favorite song by this group**
I have to watch you even if I can’t move/ until I feel that your hairline/ has hints of snow white color/ Until my eyesight becomes blurry/ until I cannot breathe/ let us never part/ if I can give up the whole world/ at least there is still you for me to treasure/ and you are here/ that is the miracle of life/ maybe I can forget the whole world/ but I won’t be willing to lose news of you/ the mole on your palm/ I’ll always remember where it is

1. Super Junior “She’s Gone”
**My favorite song by this group**
It was absentminded stupidity on my part/ I’m sorry, my love/ when I see you with your back turned to me/ the time love clearly took/ Now I can see it too/ like a time of separation/ I saw it coming/ I didn’t know you were such a part of me/ if I could turn it all back/ no, if you would smile for me just once more/ by myself, I’m unable to hold your heart/ because of my foolish pride, I’m sorry my love
2. Super Junior “So I”
So I pray for you (oh) so I/ So I promise you (oh) so I/ I promise you everything/ I’m going to believe that it’s you (I’m going to believe that it’s you)/ Will you come to me/ I want to be just a little closer to your embrace/ Oh I love you, my love/ I’m always going to be this way
3. 2PM “Tired of Waiting”
Going insane while waiting/ and each day feels like a year/ oh~ I-I I I ~ was waiting and while I was waiting (yeah)/ It felt as if you would come back/ or if I look back I would see your face/ Oh~ IIII~ am going insane, going insane/ I am holding back just in case you come back.”
4. Sponge Band “Should I Hit him for You?”
If you’re sad again/ what am I to do?/ should I hit him for you?/ I’m so mad/ what am I supposed to do?/ can you forget him?/ can you erase him?/ are you going to him?/ stop right there, please don’t go/ don’t go to that person again”
Super Junior-M “Because It’s You (At Least I Still Have You) [Korean Version]”
**Have I not mentioned how much I love this song in any language???**
As time passes/ and I grow older/ after the top of your black hair/ becomes sprinkled with white snow/ both my eyes become blurry/ when my breath becomes labored/ that moment I wish/ to be together/ love/ a world as lovely as this/ because it’s you/ that a life was possible/ for me in this world, /that is a bigger miracle/ and those innumerable promises/ and after meeting you/ the first day’s sunlight/ even that scent/ I will remember

Ok, those are my recommendations for this week!

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