Announcement- Creation of New Categories

I’m still figuring out exactly what I want to put here, and so I am currently creating two new categories. I don’t know how often these will be updated, but I’m still adapting to what I want my page to have.

The first category I am creating will be “What I’m Listening To”. I’m planning on updating this one weekly. Since we all know there are some pretty great songs out there that don’t have MVs, I’m going to take this space to recommend to you 5 songs each in English, Chinese Language, and Korean. With each song I will put the chorus. Just so you know many of the songs in the Korean and Chinese categories will be from Super Junior and Super Junior M, as they are my favorite groups. I’ll never have a recommendation that is completely songs from one group though, so don’t worry. For foreign songs I will post the English translation of the chorus.

Next I am creating a “Recommendation” category. This place is specifically for you to post in, not for me. I am getting ready to head to Korea for a year of studying, so I am watching a lot of Korean shows and movies, and listening to the popular music so I can at least know a little pop culture there. This means I have been neglecting the English categories especially. So in the “Recommendation” area please post some of your favorite English (or foreign) media, and I’ll try to balance out my reviews a bit. Post as many recommendations as you want, and it doesn’t matter if you post a song that has an MV or not, I always like to listen to new music. One note though: I REALLY REALLY hate country music and really anything with tons of cursing or sexual innuendo. That eliminates like 90% of rap music. So please don’t recommend those, because I won’t listen to them.

Thanks for reading! I’ll post something in each category today so you can start recommending! ^_^

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