Rant #4- Disney Curse

Allow me to reveal to you a secret as old as time: Disney is harmful to your children!

Have you ever noticed that most teen popularity is gained by Disney actors? Have you ever noticed how those actors or singers turn COMPLETELY insane and end up completely freaky? Or am I the only one? Seriously, it seems like anyone who comes in contact with Disney turns into a psycho! It’s mostly the girls, I don’t know what Disney is doing to the girls, but it is making them scary. I posted some pics below, I couldn’t post any of Miley Cyrus, Disney’s latest victim, because some of the pics of her should be considered kitty-porn and banned from the internet (she is only 16).

I think Disney baby’s their actors and singers too much. I don’t know what it is like on the sets, but from what I’ve read Disney caves to a lot of their child actors demands, just so long as the kids bring in the dough, why not? Sometimes I think it would be best if, when an actor or singer gets bratty and refuses to go onstage without Starbucks or throws a tantrum, it would be best for their managers to just point and say “You’re Replaceable”. It’s harsh, but these kids need to hear “No” more often! Parents- if you send your kids to Disney, be prepared for the psycho, or be cautious about it. Tell the manager it is ok to say no to the kid, encourage it. The only real exception to the Disney curse is the Jonas Brothers (but they still got hit by the cookie-cutter part of it). Their parents travel EVERYWHERE with them, and that might be a good thing! And parents, one other thing, you’re guarding your child’s money, right? Encourage them to donate it, or at least put them on like a $20 a week allowance, it is still more than some kids get, and trust me- they won’t be so spoiled!

The second part of the Disney curse is the Cookie-Cutter part. All of Disney’s singers sound and look the same. They all dance the same, dress the same, cause melodrama the same, and sound the same! Almost every Disney singer sounds horribly nasal and draws out the end of their words (Listen to a Jonas Brothers song, I can’t imitate the sound in type, but the singing one ALWAYS drags out the end of a word and goes all high pitched, like someone slapped him when he was singing and he’s whining). Disney really needs variety in their singers, it’s ridiculous. And I recommend giving your people some choreography, the stand-still-and-sing thing is really getting old.

So, doubtful about the Disney curse? See for yourself:

Lindsay Lohan Pre(ish) Disney

Lindsay Lohan Post Disney

Britany Spears Pre(ish) Disney

Britany Spears Post Disney

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