Madea Goes to Jail

I love this movie. I would see it four more times with no problem. If you saw “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” or any of the other Madea movies, then you’re already familiar with this over-the-top African-American granny.

Plot: 5/5
Madea has been in and out of the legal system her entire life, and she is proud of it. Cops can’t hold her for long and she is such a familiar face in court the arraignment judge knows her by her first name, and they chat like old buddies. At one point Madea is referred to as the “Popo Ho”

This movie only follows “Her” (she is expertly acted by Tyler Perry) for a short amount of time, my guess is to prevent the character from becoming stagnant or annoying. This time, as the story goes, when Madea gets dragged before the judge she doesn’t get off, she goes to prison. There she tames the leader of the prison and helps out the second main character: a prostitute who used to be the best friend of one of the Assistant DA’s. Her story is more serious: she was gang raped by the DA’s college football team at a party while he was off on a date. He did not know until after he returned. She ran away from the college and eventually was dragged into prostitution under the name “Candy”.

Stay tuned after the movie ends for an extended Madea vs Dr. Phil

Acting: 5/5
Tyler Perry plays a woman perfectly. He isn’t as obnoxious as Eddy Murphy or whoever starred in “Big Mama’s House”. The character of Madea is his best (he also plays Madea’s lawyer and old pot-smoking brother). He is an unusually quiet character in any form but Madea, showing he can act calm whenever he wants and has a good rein on his own acting. The other characters are played exceedingly well, they even cry their own tears. Every one of them deserves an award for their work.

This movie really is wonderful. On one side you have the quiet and reserved Candy, on the other you have Madea who (let’s face it) is crazy as hell. I can’t tell you too much more without wrecking the story for you all, so that’s all I can really say. But I highly recommend looking at your local movie store for this.

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