Announcement- You All Still There?


Sorry it has been so long since you heard from me! I recently finished moving back into my house from my college dorm and my main computer still doesn’t have internet. I’m going to get around to moving it sooner or later, but for now I am on my netbook, which is great but I prefer to review from something larger.

I promise to have more reviews up by tomorrow night (btw, to me “tomorrow night” is defined as anytime before I sleep, so I guess when I say tomorrow night I mean anywhere from Wednesday night to the wee hours of thursday morning).

Also, I just decided to change a teeny format of Reviews. You won’t see any change on the reviews I have posted, but I just wanted to give you the heads up. As many of you know multiple versions of MVs exist (in Korean MVs this is more common I think). I will be reviewing each Version of the MV in one review, but I’ll separate it. Anticipate the MVs “Run Devil Run” by SNSD and “Neorago” by Super Junior, who have 3 versions each!

Also on the announcement list is that I will be posting lists of movies I started to watch but just couldn’t finish. I only have a few movies on that list now, and I guarantee you all will think I’m crazy for not wanting to finish watching the movies. At least, considering how popular I know they are I think you will think I am crazy.

I know I missed last weeks “What I’m Listening To”, and I’m working on making a list for you all now. I’ll put 10 songs for each category, but don’t be surprised when the “Chinese Language” songs are all Super Junior M, I seriously have a small selection of Chinese music (funny considering I’m minoring in Chinese in college), and most of it is Super Junior M with only two exceptions.

Also, I’m creating another new section called “Reverse Stalking”, that’s when I ask you all questions and eagerly scan for your replies.

Well, that’s it for the announcements. I hope you all have a good night! And if you read this blog feel free to leave a comment whenever you find something interesting.

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