Reverse Stalking #1

This is going to be where I can ask you questions to see what you all are interested in on this blog.

I’ve noticed that many people seem to like the review of 2AM’s “Confession of a Friend”, and are interested in the lyrics. Do you want to see a full translation of the song lyrics? Also, instead of searching for the post you can just go to “Korean Music Videos” and scroll down, it is easy to find.

I am very interested in why you all like the areas that you do, and I want to focus on those areas so you get more of what you’re looking for. I also noticed the Rant posts have been popular, and I’ll try to come up with new rants. The popular ones seem to be those on Disney and the one on Hayden Christensen, so I’ll take that to mean you like when I get a little goofy in the rants.

So what kind of stuff do you like? I hope you all are encouraged more to comment on topics, I really love to read comments and have only gotten 1 so far (pout).

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