What I’m Listening To~ Week 2,3

1) Anastasia Soundtrack “At the Beginning”
Life is a road/And I want to keep going/Love is a river/I wanna keep flowing/Life is a road/Now and forever/Wonderful journey/ I’ll be there/When the world stops turning/I’ll be there/When the storm is through/In the end I wanna be standing/At the beginning with you
2) Nickelback “Gotta Be Somebody”
“`Cause nobody wants to be the last one there/’Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares/Someone to love with my life in their hands/There`s gotta be somebody for me like that/`Cause nobody wants to do it on their own/And everyone wants to know they´re not alone/There’s somebody else that feels the same somewhere/There`s gotta be somebody for me out there
3) Linkin Park “Leave Out All the Rest”
When my time comes/Forget the wrong that I’ve done/Help me leave behind some/Reasons to be missed/And don’t resent me/And when you’re feeling empty/Keep me in your memory/Leave out all the rest/Leave out all the rest
4) Josh Groban “So She Dances”
So she dances/In and out of the crowd like a glance/This romance is/From afar calling me silently
5) David Cook “Breathe Tonight”
Can you breathe tonight/As the air is leaving you/Scream tonight/Like the words are new to you/Can we go back to the last time/my arms could carry you/Breathe tonight/Youre alive
6) Nickelback “Far Away”
That I love you/I have loved you all along/And I miss you/Been far away for far too long/I keep dreaming you’ll be with me/and you’ll never go/Stop breathing if/I don’t see you anymore
7) Spamalot “The Song That Goes Like This”
This song doesn’t really have a chorus. It is a song set to the tempo of a slow love song, but the lyrics make fun of the notion of a love song and are meant to be vocalizations of what the singers are thinking as they sing such songs.
8] Josh Groban “My Confession”
I have been wrong about you/Thought I was strong without you/For so long nothing could move me/For so long nothing could change me/Now I feel myself surrender/Each time I see your face/I am captured by your beauty/Your unassuming grace/And I feel my heart is turning/Falling into place/I can’t hide/Now hear my confession
9) Meat Loaf “Heaven Can Wait”
This song doesn’t really have a chorus, the song continues describing how much the singer loves someone and how the love can keep them alive and heaven will just have to wait.
10) 3 Doors Down “Your Arms Feel Like Home”
There’s a life inside of me/That i can feel again/It’s the only thing that takes me/Where i’ve never been/I don’t care if i lost everything that i have known/It don’t matter where i lay my head tonight/Your arms feel like home/Feel like home

**Like I warned in the Announcements, this section will be very short and may not appear at all sometimes**
1) Super Junior- M “Don’t Don [Chinese Version]”
Don’t Don/ Living in this world/ except from being despised by others, so what?/ Falling into this dirty trap/ You have no where else to run
2) Super Junior- M “Marry U [Chinese Version]”
I’d like to tell you about everything/ no words can express how much I love you/ Would U marry me?/ I pray towards the shooting stars/ That our connection will never change/ Every time you smile in sleep/ I really wish that you could lean on my shoulder/ would U marry me? / I hope that you can fulfill my desires
3) Super Junior- M “A Man in Love [Chinese Version]
This song doesn’t really have a chorus. The song describes being seduced by a girl and wanting only to be in her embrace. The song progresses as the two get closer and closer and it ends with the singers saying they never want to leave the side of the girl they have fallen for.
4) Super Junior- M “In My Arms”
**I love sad songs no matter what my mood is, this is amazing**
I hugged my dreams until I was awake/ the world before me blurred/ with your memories I run/ happiness seems so far away/ I hugged my loneliness here/ can you hear my heart being broken? / I say blessings to myself/ not believing you don’t love me anymore
5) Super Junior- M “The One”
**This song was written for the Beijing Olympics, the whole beat follows “Chariots of Fire”. The former leader of Super Junior-M was an Olympic torch bearer**
You are the one/ lost in the darkness/ because of you/ those lost have found their way/ you are the one/ lighting up the world’s hopes/ just like the Olympic torch/ emitting radiance

1) Super Junior’s Donghae “Beautiful”
**This song was written, composed, and choreographed by Donghae**
Cause you are so beautiful/ let me gasp against your lips/ to say this phrase/ “I love you”/ cause you are so beautiful/ just stay by my side (you belong only to me)”
2) Super Junior- M “Love Song [Korean Version]”
I’ve looked, but I really can’t find a translation for the Korean lyrics of this song, as the Chinese version is SO popular.
3) FT Island “Bing Bing Bing”
**Bing Bing Bing is supposed to be the noise in your head when you meet the person you’ll always love**
All day bing bing bing bing/bang bang bang bang/ I hang around/ I loiter hoping I see her by chance/ I will see her tonight and confess my love/ everywhere bing bing bing bing/ bang bang bang bang/ she spins around/ If I have only one love/ I’ll give it to her/ I guess I’m nice
4) SHINee “JoJo”
Jojo, when the sad music plays/ I think of you (eh eh eh)/ Jojo, why can’t I forget you?/ even though you were so cruel/ Hey my Jojo/ Love, yes Jojo/ Stay, did I do something wrong?/ I-I was blind/ Hey my Jojo/ Love, yes Jojo/ Stay, you’re in my tracks/ I-I was blind
5) Super Junior “Endless Moment”
I’ve been waiting for you for a long time/ for someone who’s just like me/ I want to give my loneliness to you/ my endless moment, pray for you
6) Super Junior’s Yesung “It Has to be You”
**This song is the OST for a drama, I’m holding the OST MV separate from the song, since it has no shots of the singer at all**
It can’t be if it’s not you/ It can’t be without you/ It’s ok if I’m hurt for a day and a year like this/ it’s fine even if my heart hurts/ yes, because I’m just in love with you
7) Super Junior “A Man in Love”
Your shiny hair/ your fingers/ even your lips that form that bright smile/ her colors no one can switch with/ I’ve fallen deep into/ you’re hairstyle/ you’re gaze/ even your unique way of speaking/ it was plenty enough to change my life around
8] Super Junior M “Me [Korean Version]”
It’s gonna be me/ I will be beside you forever/ It’s gonna be me/ I want to stay here/ Don’t shake and just hold me tight/ I won’t let you go again/ It’s gonna be me/ I will wipe away your tears/ It’s gonna be me/ I want you so much/ I don’t want anything/ except for love/ I’ll wait for you like this/ It’s gonna be me
9) So Nyeo Shi Dae (Girl’s Generation) feat. SHINee’s KEY- “Boys and Girls”
I can’t find a translation for this song
10) SHINee “The Name (I Loved)”
The name I loved once in this life/ has become further and further away from me/ I am writing your name on a paper/ and forever keeping it in my heart/ From that day on I realized/ that I will only love you forever/ Love that can’t be together/ can also be known as love

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