Oh! – SoNyeoShiDae (Girl’s Generation)

A warning before I get into the review for this: this song has to be one of the peppy-est songs I’ve ever heard~ It is extremely upbeat and cute, that turns some people off it at first, so  I thought I’d warn you. It’s still a great MV, the song is just more upbeat than I’m used to.

Lyrics: 5/5
This is an upbeat and happy song about being in love and wanting the boy you love to see it too. It talks about the girls having grown more mature, wearing makeup and doing their hair to try and get the boy to notice. A translation note: the word “Oppa”, which appears frequently in the song, is a korean term girls use to refer to a boy older than them, be it a brother or a friend.
I want to tell you/ Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oppa, I love you/ Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! I do so much/ I’m shy, please don’t laugh/ I’m sincere, don’t make fun of me/ Again it’s just those foolish words/ I’m not the one you knew before/ Brand new sound/ together with the new me/ One more round/ Dance dance dance/ till we run this town/ oppa oppa I’ll be I’ll be down down down down

Dance: 5/5
The song is SNSD’s traditional fast beat with a cute dance. There is a reason these 9 girls are considered the “Living Legends” of Korean girl groups even though they only had their debut a few years ago. The dance is more sexy than the song, but it is still cute and childish at points. Think “Gee” and you’ve got it.

Story: 5/5
The MV is set in two places. One is the locker room of an American high school where they are practicing their cheerleader moves, the other is a football field where they are cheering on their boy.

Overall: 5/5
This was a good song for SNSD to make their comeback on from the mega-hits that were Gee and Tell Me Your Wish (Genie). Tell Me You Wish (Genie) was more of a sexy style, and Gee was very cute and childish. This is in the middle, and it fits SNSD very well.

Other Interesting Things
There is a dance version of this MV. SM Entertainment filmed SNSD during a practice. The Dance Version is more informal, as it is filmed in a large practice room rather than an official studio. One problem SM has with their larger groups is that they have to keep the camera zoomed out to fit everyone, so you don’t get any closeups.

The end of the MV features the girls returning to their apartment to find 9 frightening goth versions of themselves who have torn down much of the cute posters in the apartment. This was a preview for SNSD’s second promotion song “Run Devil Run” who had the concept of “Black SNSD”.

I’m personally not a fan of the hairstyles when the girls are in the locker room. Some were given ultra-poofy hair, and it doesn’t work with them!

I’ve posted a kind of bonus video below. Jungmo, a member of TRAX- one of the elder brother bands to SNSD, recorded his own version of Oh! in which he plays the melody on an electric guitar, it is pretty awesome to watch. Jungmo filmed this himself and uploaded it to SM Entertainment’s YouTube page.

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