Run Devil Run- SoNyeoShiDae (Girl’s Generation)

This is a MASSIVE transformation for SNSD from their last song “Oh!”! The song is one made for the girl fans, rather than the boys. It isn’t a love song at all, but is a threat against a boy who cheated on them and betrayed them.

Lyrics: 6/5
I’ve never seen a girl group do such an angry song. It taunts the boy who betrayed them and even threatens violence when they find him again. SNSD has ALWAYS done cute love songs, and this one was a real first for them. I was not really an SNSD fan before this song came out, and now I’m a fangirl. This is not a song you typically see or expect, I can’t give it high enough praise.
Even if you try to run/ you’re in the palm of my hand/ You better run run run run run/ I can’t see you anymore/ I’d like to kick you/ You better run run run run run/ Even if you try to hold on to me/ I’ll turn off my attention, hey/ The day I become cooler/ you’ll have to pay me back, don’t forget it/ you better run run run run run/ I caught you/ you’ve made me angry/ run devil devil run run

Dance: 5/5
The dance is not cute at all. It tends more towards the sexy look and has an overall attitude of showing off for the guy so he can see what he just lost. It has a lot of powerful and fast moves that convey the overall attitude of the song.

Story: 4.9/5
There is a story version to the MV, but it doesn’t really convey the story well at all. In the story version we see the girls from “Oh!” leaving for their cheerleading at the beginning of the MV, when one knocks over a cup of water that hits the computer. The girls of “Run Devil Run” come out from the computer and start tearing up the cute apartment. The girls of “Oh!” come in and are terrified to fight the violent SNSD, but one pulls the plug on the computer and they vanish. I think the story is supposed to be translated through the lyrics of the two songs. My theory is that “Oh!” is part 1, where they are in love with the boy and are asking him to be theirs in a cute and innocent way, then he betrays them and “Run Devil Run” acts as a part 2 where the cute girls are ready to get even and are trying to destroy their cute side that blindly wanted the boy. Just a theory though.

Overall: 6/5
There were a lot of girl groups doing the goth theme at the same time, but I think SNSD really pulled it off with this song. They completely let go of their cute image and became tough, which really worked well for them. I love this MV and highly recommend checking it out.

Other Interesting Things
There are 2 versions of this MV. The story version is recommended only if you’ve first seen “Oh!”, as it has a lot of call backs to that particular MV. The regular version is great, and I really like it.

The costumes in this one rock. They aren’t sexy and revealing for the most part, like SNSD’s costumes tend towards. The grunge look is really great, and the group shots have them all wearing identical (or nearly identical) outfits. The black backgrounds have black outfits and the white match with longer white clothes. It looks really cool and completely works.

The hair is much better in this than it was in “Oh!”. The large perms are gone, and hair is flat. In group shots everyone has the same style, which required extensions, and the member known for having blonde hair has black streaks that look really cool.

This song may sound familiar to a bunch of you out there. It was written by a European team for SM Entertainment. One of the composers was friends with singer KE$HA, who sang the demo as a favor to him. The demo was leaked on youtube, so if you do a search it might still turn up. The “English Version” (KE$HA’s demo) is a little more violent than the Korean Version, but it’s still good.

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