Rant #5- Emma Watson

This isn’t my usual rant which comments on something insulting or criticizes an actor. This is going to be me in total fangirl mode, just be warned!

Emma Watson is hands down my favorite Actress and the one I have the most respect for. Her acting is the best in the Harry Potter movies, blowing over even the veteran actors. I’ve seen her in another film, Ballet Shoes, and she was wonderful. That film drew from her a performance more emotional than what Harry Potter requires, and there is no awkward moments to be found. I am positive she will have no issues finding work after Harry Potter is over and she will not have to face any issues with type-casting.

There were several articles that appeared after the release of the fourth Harry Potter film that said Emma Watson was considering quitting the role due to worries of becoming too famous. I don’t know if these are true, but if so I am even more impressed by this actress. You don’t see many people worry about being too popular.

Despite the massive success of Harry Potter, and the fact that she grew up in the adoring eye of the public, Emma Watson hasn’t gone the way of such disasters as Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus. She has always kept a cool head and consistently gives off the image of a proper and respectful girl.

I was skeptical of this image at first, as I’m sure a lot of you are. One of my friends (who shall remain nameless) is the daughter of the man in charge of blocking (movement, in short) on Harry Potter films. She got the chance to go to England during the filming of one of the movies and meet the whole cast in person, she even spent a day shopping with Emma Watson in London. My friend returned to the US and told us about her experience. She can’t stop raving about how nice Emma Watson was, which really surprised her. She has even met Emma Watson a second time (which also involved shopping) and only had more great things to say about her and her perfectly normal personality.

This also brings me to my next point. Emma Watson has made millions with the Harry Potter movies, enough to never have to seriously work again. She has all of this fame and fortune and yet she is still pushing herself to do better. She is attending an IVY league college in the US. We need more celebrities like this, ones who are proper role models to the younger generation. It is a real shame Disney’s people keep getting all of that attention, I would much rather have kids looking up to Emma Watson and following in her footsteps to the semi-stripper Cyrus and the booze head Lohan.

So to Emma Watson all I have are applause. She has managed to be a celebrity and the lead of a brilliant film series for just short of a decade without loosing common courtesy and politeness. She is the standard to which we should hold all celebrities.

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