Dexter- Series 1

I love this show ^^ If you haven’t seen it, I believe that CBS will start showing edited versions of the episodes, at least that was the plan last I heard. If not, it is on showtime and you can catch it on DVD for a pretty good price anywhere.

Plot: 5/5
I love shows that take more unusual angles. As long as it is something I haven’t seen over and over again I tend to like it, and there is a hint of humor, which makes it great ^^

Dexter is a forensic scientist working for the Miami Police department specializing in Blood Spatter analysis. He can tell you where the victims were stabbed, and with what. Oh, and Dexter is also a sociopathic serial killer who preys on other serial killers before they can claim more innocent victims. His rule is that he can’t kill anyone who has not killed another person. He was adopted at a young age from a crime scene and raised by his cop father. When Dexter started revealing his sociopathic tendencies, his father trained him in how not to get caught and how to make sure his victims really were evil.

Dexter is close to his sister Deb, a vice cop who has been working under cover as a hooker. Deb wants to get out of vice by helping on a case involving a mysterious string of bodes found precisely cut into small pieces with absolutely no blood in or around the corpse. Dexter is transfixed by this neat murder, and begins to obsess himself over the killer’s identity. When they realize he is using a refrigerated van to transport the bodies, the man becomes known as the Ice Truck Killer.

As the bodies continue to pile up (both from Dexter and the Ice Truck Killer), Dexter comes to realize that the Ice Truck Killer is following him, and is calling out to him with the murders. Dexter and Deb must find the Killer, Deb to arrest him, and Dexter to learn who this mysterious man is and why he has taken such an interest in Dexter’s past. All along Dexter must work with the police and his friends in the department- Detective Angel Batista and his arch-enemy Seargent Doakes who knows something is off about the analyst. Also helping Dexter is his friend and co-scientist Masuka, who is perverted and in love with Deb.

L-R: Rita, Angel, Doakes, Dexter, Deb, Dexter's father, and Chief of Detectives Batista

The voice of Dexter’s dead father is always with him, guiding him and giving advice, even when Dexter doesn’t want to hear it.

Acting: 5/5
The cast is brilliant to say the least. Michael C. Hall is brilliant in the leading role. He brings power to each performance, and makes you question your own opinions as to whether what he is doing is really wrong. Deb is played by Michal C. Hall’s real-life wife Jennifer Carpenter. Her fowl-mouthed but well meaning character is perfect and fits perfectly with Dexter. Also in the series is Julie Benz, who plays Rita- Dexter’s girlfriend who is recovering from an abusive marriage with a crack-head sleeze. Her kids are a way to ground Dexter, who absolutely loves them and comes to realize he might just love her (something he thought he was incapable of).

I really love this show. It’s kind of amazing- Showtime produced this show, but there isn’t much sex. There is some nudity, boobs and butts, but not much, the story is more focused on Dexter and his internal struggle. I really like it. The pace is good, and it isn’t just another cop drama, it has an actual back story threaded through the series: the search for the identity of the Ice Truck Killer, and the answer is as shocking as the crimes.

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