Dexter- Series 2

Plot: 5/5

In this season of the hit show Dexter must deal with two major problems: one is coming to terms with his murder of his brother the Ice Truck Killer, the other is a bit more serious: divers have found ALL  of his previous victims, and the FBI’s top Serial Killer Hunter has arrived to hunt down the killer. As evidence begins to point towards someone working at the police station, Dexter must find ways to point the cops in the opposite direction while continuing with his own pastime.

This season is my personal favorite, as it is a complete mind game between Dexter and the FBI hunter sent after him. If any of you have seen the film “Death Note” it is exactly like that. I love the cerebral nature of everything.

Dexter is also trying to get in touch with his kinder side in order to become closer to Rita. He tells her he has a “Dark Secret” and she of course assumes this means he is a crack head, so she forces him into Narcotics Anonymous where he meets Lila Tourney, a crazy British artist. Doakes is getting closer to figuring out who Dexter really is, and begins to harass him beyond measure.

Um.. This isn't what it looks like... I swear... *cough*

Acting: 5/5
This is my favorite season of the show. The story-the acting, everything is perfect. Jaime Murray (Lila) is brilliant as the crazy artist, who will do anything to get Dexter then keep him, even if that means murder. She knows exactly what Dexter is, and loves him for it. I think this season was really the peak of acting in Dexter. That doesn’t mean at all that the quality has gone down, not even slightly, but this is the season where everything clicks perfectly.

There is more sex this season, and it starts to look kind of like a regular Showtime production, but it still has a ways to go before it meets the light-porno status of Showtime’s other products. I completely recommend watching this, I can’t recommend any higher than I am now.

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