Toy Story 3

I’m from that generation of people who grew up with this series. Sure, I was 4 when it came out, but I don’t really remember a time before the Toy Story movies. A former relative has been close friends with one of the creators since they were kids, and so we were encouraged to watch the movie and follow the trilogy closely. Now that it’s all over I can only say I was surprised.

Plot: 5/5
Fifteen years, that is how long it has been between the first and last Toy Story movie. But I’m not reviewing the whole series, just Toy Story 3, so I’ll try to keep it focused on that one. So much has changed since the first movie that when Pixar got out the original files for the first movie, they had nothing that could read them, technology has advanced so far since they first came out.

Whatever they managed to do to get it working, the new Toy Story looks identical to the original. The characters haven’t changed at all, and the entire story just feels like the original, as though nothing has changed, you are just forgot to continue the DVD.

In Toy Story 3 Andy is finally grown up and heading off to college. It has been YEARS since he last played with Woody, Buzz, and the gang, and they keep resorting to tricks to try and get him to see them again. When nothing they do seems to be working, everyone looses resolve and hope. Andy must sort through everything in his room, choosing what goes to college, what gets donated, and what gets thrown in the trash. He chooses only Woody to take to college, but the others (who he meant to take into the attic to preserve) accidentally get thrown into the donation bin. Woody tries to save them, and is donated along with them.

The whole group ends up at Sunnydale Child Care, where they are taken from the luxurious “Butterfly Room”, where kids play happily with the toys, to the “Caterpillar Room”, where 4 year-olds batter the toys beyond belief. Woody is desperate to get back to Andy, and the others are desperate just to be loved again.

The movie is about their fight to escape the evil of the Child Care center, and to either get back to Andy or go somewhere they will be treated like toys and not left forgotten.

A warning to you: The ending is sad- I know my mom cried, and a few of my friends have admitted to it too. The ending is nothing short of perfect, and I hope they never make another Toy Story movie again, it would just ruin everything.

Only a few of the Toys have made it through all 3 movies, but Woody, Buzz, Slink, Rex, and the Bank are all back.

Acting: 5/5
I never know how to rate voice acting, but I guess it is good? Everyone sounds the same at least. There are some funny moments in the movie, but they never pause for laughs and keep going. It is a very well-paced and acted film.

I recommend seeing this movie. I grew up with Toy Story and this felt like a good end to a good tale. At first I was disappointed in the ending, but it works. There is a feeling to it that you could never stop the story, that even with the movies gone it will continue. I liked it. It was sad without being tragic, and just ended everything perfectly.

Oh, and keep an eye out for the man running the dump truck in the end- that’s Sid from the first movie (he is wearing the same shirt) ^^

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