We’re With You- KARA

Wow, 2 KARA reviews in a row~ Normally I would go make an artist profile after this, but this is the first time I’ve seen anything KARA, so let me do a little research before I make the profile, ok?

Lyrics: 5/5
This was KARA’s World Cup cheer song. It isn’t sexy like their Lupin song, but is cute and upbeat. And the lyrics make sense! There isn’t much to say about it beyond that. The beat is addictive and it really is a nice song.
Shake it shake it baby/ shake it shake it baby/ shake it shake it boy to love/ baby, shake it shake it baby/ shake it shake it boy to love/ we’re with you/ we trust you, who is always looking forward/ let’s just run heading for our dream/ I like it that we’re together/ we’re glad that you’re here/ we trust you who is always looking forward/ no matter what struggles face us lets overcome them/ small fragments come together and complete us/ we’re with you

Dancing: 5/5
The dancing is cute and simple. KARA’s style is to have easier to follow dances I think. This dance is mostly in the arms and it is cute to look like cheer leaders. Each girl also has a small tambourine, so the dancing is bouncy to follow the beat of it.

Story: NA
It’s a cheer song, there isn’t a story

Other Interesting Things
There is a certain member of KARA, and I’m not sure what her name is, but she seems against clothes~ She isn’t nude, but in the MVs I’ve seen so far her shirt never covers her stomach~ But they are all in outfits that are cute but vaguely revealing, so maybe she’s just supposed to be extra cute and revealing…

A note to the director/editor/whoever else to blame: Having a disco ball hanging from the ceiling in your MV is perfectly fine. Just next time make sure it doesn’t reflect the end of the stage where you all are sitting as well as all your equipment and lights.

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