Announcement: I’m Back! And I’m Making Changes


Sorry, I kind of vanished for a while, did a half-hearted Artist Profile, then went away again!

The reason I haven’t been posting is that I took a day and downloaded TONS of MVs from the SM Entertainment youtube page. I’m trying to find the official pages for other companies with singers I like. If you know any, please let me know! You can kind of tell from what I’ve been reviewing what I like.

I also realized that the review section is a little haphazard and unorganized, so I’m going to go back through everything and tag specific groups so if you wanted to see more MVs from one group you can find them all. I’m also going to make a list on the part of the Artist Profiles under the discography of MVs each group has put out, and try to find a link for you with the original video and english subs. Each link will go straight to youtube, so don’t worry about clicking it. Since the groups have all released several MVs I won’t embed the video onto the page.

Ok, that is all I am thinking of doing for now. I’ll post MV reviews to some of the new ones I have. I have MVs for BoA and Kangta, and I’ve never heard a song by either (but both are hugely popular) so I’m really looking forward to it ^^

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