Abracadabra- Dirty Eyed Girls

This is the official parody MV for Brown Eyed Girls “Abracadabra” music video. However, this is the unofficial review of it. Since it is a parody MV I’m not going to rate it on the normal standards. Just know I love this MV and highly recommend it.

I think it needs a little explanation. Members of 2PM filmed a show called “Wild Bunny” which was supposed to show the idols in an environment where they can just be themselves. Each episode had a loose goal, but wasn’t scripted and mostly just went with whatever the members were doing. I personally think it was a brilliant show, and it’s hilarious.

Anyways, the show was filmed when the members got to go on vacations, and so not all the members are in every single episode (but most episodes have all 7 members). At one point 4 members were gone, so they decided to record a song for fun and talked two members of their brother group 2 AM into helping out.

It became a mission from the show: they had to record their own music video entirely and it would be posted on youtube, the mission would only be a success if it got 100,000 views in a month (it got around 700,000). 2 AM member JoKwon came up with the idea not of re-doing Abracadabra, but of re-writing the lyrics as well. They changed the name to “Dirty Eyed Girls” and proceeded.

A choreographer helped them to learn the dance moves briefly, and one of the sexy moves ended up being the punishment for loosing a game (the shot in which members are stroking Chansung and he is laughing). They also had to come up with their own costumes, and gave that chore to “Fashion Terrorist” Taekyung. In the original MV each member had their own color that represented them, and he tried to stick to that, which ended up with each member looking like a gay stripper. The MV was also directly mostly by the members.

During filming the director requested the members turn around so they could get a shot of the dance from the back. When the members were turned around they brought in the Brown Eyed Girls, who danced a scene with the members (after they got over the horrible shock of the girls being there). The video was released online and gained massive popularity not with fans of Brown Eyed Girls or 2P/Am, but with foreign audiences. The video, members of 2PM revealed, became known as the “Gay Chinese Stripper” version of Abracadabra. I personally don’t see the “Chinese” part, but the “Gay” and “Stripper” makes perfect sense!

Lyrics: 5/5
They sound horrible, but the lyrics are really funny. One translation note: Whenever they say anything about Italy or the “Italy Towel” they are referring to member Chansung (the guy in the black mesh tank-top), it is his nickname. I have no clue why~
Every night I dirty/ clean please clean!!!/ Every night I dirty/ clean please clean!!!/ soap soap bring me some soap/ I will use anything to clean/ I will clean my armpit hair/ I will use the soap to clean my underwear~ yeah/ I will clean everything, I will clean my own body

Other Interesting Things
Half the awkward shots in the MV were chosen by whoever lost a bet while filming.

There is a shot with 3 of the missing members of 2PM, who returned the day of filming the MV and came to the set. When they arrived the members fled and tried to lock themselves in the dressing room.

You can watch how this entire thing was made on “Wild Bunny”, i’ll post a link to the first of the episodes where they begin with creating the concept for this. I highly recommend watching, it explains a lot in the MV…

A member of Brown Eyed Girls and the pink member of Dirty Eyed Girls are a couple on the show “We Got Married”. When they met he was hiding his face and as a clue to her as to the identity of her “husband” (they must act as a real couple, and many fans, their companies, and group members all believe they are secretly dating) he danced the Abracadabra dance. She guessed immediately who it was.

Here is the “Making of”. The MV concept comes out near the end. The beginning segments are the end of an experiment they did on member Taekyung. Since he left for his vacation to the US first and came back, they decided to challenge themselves. If they managed to play 100 pranks on him in 1 day without him figuring out what they were doing, they would win a prize.

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