No Other- Super Junior

I’ve been waiting for this MV to come out since the song was released two weeks ago, and now that it’s here I’m really happy ^^ I absolutely love it.

Lyrics: 6/5
The song is completely unique in it’s tone. It’s about being in love with a long time friend, but not in the usual way you see. They are in love with that friend, and ready to confess to them, but the overall tone of the song isn’t “I love you please accept me”, it’s more like “Where can I meet someone as totally amazing as you”. It’s really sweet and nice.
My heart yells and tells me/ my free soul/ There’s more days ahead of us than the times Ilove you with feelings I had in the beginning/ There’s no other like you/ when I looked around, they’re all the same/ Where can I find a good person like you?/ Where can I find a good person like you?/ A good heart like you/ A good gift like you/ what a relief that it’s me trying so hard to protect you/ where can you find a person as happy as me/ a person as happy as me?/ a person that’s smiling like me/ the happiest person

Dancing: 5/5
The dance for this song is light and relatively simple compared to their others. It’s very smooth and together.

Story: 5/5
I love the story for this MV. In it you see each member preparing in some way to confess to their friend how they love them. You see one putting together a puzzle in the shape of a big heart, one writing a love letter, one filming a video dancing and singing for the girl, one preparing a keyboard to play a love song for her, one who made a wall with a giant heart out of pictures with hearts and love kind of things, one waiting with a rose, one with a ring tied to dozens of balloons, and one going to each of these people and taking pictures of all the different ways to express love for their girls.

Other Interesting Things
This has to be one of the first happy love songs to come out in a very long time. It isn’t trying to attract a girl like Bonamana was, and it isn’t angry or sad at loosing the love like MBLAQ’s “Y” or Super Junior- M’s “Blue Tomorrow”. If anything the song is just telling their friend that they are amazing, not necessarily trying to attract them, but trying just to say they love them.

I really can’t say enough about this MV, it makes you smile, it is really sweet. ^^

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