Announcement- Artist Profile Changes

Ok, I’m sitting down to add in all the Music Video lists for the Artist Profiles, and I noticed something: Some of the profiles are REALLY long and the MV list for that artist is REALLY long *cough*DBSK*cough*.

In response to this you’ll notice that I’m making the MV list it’s own part rather than adding it to the list under discography. So you’ll see a lot of updates to the Artist Profiles tonight- I just wanted to let you know to expect this change.

Thanks for reading! I really am happy you all seem to be enjoying this blog! COMMENT~! ^^

oh, and remember in the “Despicable Me” review that I said I would happily go 5 more times? Well, tonight I’m going with my brother and tomorrow with my parents, so it looks like I might actually reach that quota! ^^

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