Artist Profile- Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK) MV List

You’re really making me do some work! Ok, I’m listing ALL MV’s here, which is like 70 MVs, so I hope you all appreciate this! I’m pretty positive not all the MVs will be find-able on YouTube, if I can’t find it I’m sorry. If you want english subs you are going to have to search for them on youtube, I will only post the original non-subbed version since there are TONS of MVs for DBSK/THSK/TVXQ.


Hug [International Version]

Jesus, Joy of Man’s Desiring [Acapella]
**MV Could Not Be Found, but if you look at the link for the Korean version, the Jesus, Joy of Man’s Desiring part is English**



My Little Princess

My Little Princess [Acapella]

The Way U Are

Believe [Version 1]

Believe [Version 2]

Thanks To

Tri-Angle (featuring BoA and the TRAX)

Whatever They Say [Acapella]


Hi Ya Ya (Summer Day) [Version 1]

Hi Ya Ya(Summer Day) [With Fans Version 2]

Rising Sun

Rising Sun [LG Mobile Version]


Beautiful Life (MV featuring Yuri of SNSD)

Jesus, Joy of Man’s Desiring (Acapella) + Magic Castle

One (A Millionaire’s First Love Trailer)

Insa (A Millionaire’s First Love OST)

Always There…

Free Your Mind (Featuring TRAX) [1st Live Tour Captures]

“O”- Jung.Ban.Hap.


You’re My Miracle [2nd Live Tour Captures]

Show Me Your Love (Featuring Super Junior 05)

Fighting Spirit of The East

Hot Mail (featuring SM Town)

Red Sun (featuring SM Town)

Snow Dream (featuring SM Town)

Lets Go On A Trip (Featuring SM Town)

Only Love (Featuring SM Town)

Purple Line


Mirotic [Dance Version]

Wrong Number

Are You A Good Girl [3rd Live Tour Captures]

Picture of You
**MV Not Found**

So I’m Loving You


Stay With Me Tonight

Somebody to Love

My Destiny

Asu Wa Kuru Kara

Rising Sun

**MV Not Found**

**MV Not Found**

Miss You
**MV Not Found**


Step By Step
**MV Not Found**

Choosey Lover

Lovin’ You
**MV Not Found**

Summer Dream
**MV Not Found**

**MV Not Found**

Forever Love

Lost Angel (featuring Kumi Koda)

**MV Not Found**

Together (Cinnamonroll Version)

Beautiful You
**MV Not Found**

Why Did I Fall In Love With You (Drama Version)

Why Did I Fall in Love With You (Tohoshinki Version)
**MV Not Found**




Kiss the Baby Sky
**MV Not Found**

Share the World

Stand By U [Drama Version]
**MV Not Found**

Stand By U [Tohoshinki Version]

Colors: Melody and Harmony


Toki o Tomete (Let’s Stop Time)


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