Despicable Me

I literally just walked into my house after seeing this movie in 3D. If you choose to go, definitely try the 3D, there is a series of bonus videos at the end that just wouldn’t be funny in 2D.

So here is where I start to freak out over how GREAT a movie that was!!!!! It tops my list of best movies this year, and that list includes Avatar. It’s brilliant, pure and simple! The story is great, the plot works, and I absolutely want to see it 5 more times! GO TO YOUR THEATRE AND WATCH THIS MOVIE NOW!!! Or wait until tonight, there might be less kids then.

Plot: 5/5


The movie is about Gru, a villan who hasn’t always been the most successful. His old achievements are overshadowed when Vector, an obnoxious newbie, steals the Great Pyramid (which in the movie is definitely not to scale). He comes up with a plan to steal the entire moon, but there is one hitch: the Evil Bank won’t give him a loan unless he has the Shrink Ray he needs (Which he steals from North Korea). Before Gru can complete his heist, Vector shows up and steals the Ray, taking it to his super-fortified home. Gru notices the only ones able to enter the place are three orphans who sell cookies, so he adopts them and has his scientist assistant make Cookie Robots. The movie follows Gru as he tries to pull of this heist, and as he begins to grow close to the three orphan girls.

But whatever about them. I personally love Gru’s Minions (that is what they are called, no joke): a bunch of small yellow creatures that speak a weird language and like to hit each other. These guys are the reason I went to see the movie, they have to be the coolest Minions in the world! They are hilarious and adorable and make every scene great.

This is an animated movie, so I can’t critique it in all the categories I usually would… This movie was made for kids, and it has a very simple plot with no great amount of violence (or at least not very graphic). There are a few jokes that will only make sense if you know spanish (“You are as beautiful as a Burro (donkey)”), but if you don’t you can still assume he’s saying something good. Seriously though, go to the movie just to see the Minions. They are freakin’ cool. Adults and kids will love this movie, and I can’t say enough about it, I loved it!

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