Artist Profile- Super Junior MV Links

TWINS (Knock Out)
~This is a Korean cover of a British song~

You Are the One
~This is the MV of Super Junior’s debut show “The Super Junior Show”

~This is the last appearance of Super Junior 05~

~This is the first MV by Super Junior as 13 members~

Dancing out

Full of Happiness
~Member Kyuhyun is absent from this MV as he was recovering from a car accident, it is a re-make of HOT’s song by the same name~

Wonder Boy
~This is the OST for Super Junior’s movie “Attack on the Pin-Up Boys”, it features all members save Kyuhyun, who was recovering from a car accident. Keep an eye on the background dancers for future SHINee member Key and future Super Junior “Guest Member” and Super Junior- M member Henry~

Don’t Don
~This MV features all SJ members and was the debut of “Guest Member” Henry, who is currently in Super Junior- M~

Marry U

One Love (1st Asia Tour Concert)
~Subbed version best quality~

Sorry, Sorry

It’s You
~This was the last MV to feature Super Junior as 13 members~

Sorry, Sorry- Answer
~This features Super Junior as 12 members,with member Kangin appearing in the group shorts, individual shots of him never show his face~

~The first appearance of Super Junior as 10 members~

No Other

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