Heartbeat- 2PM

This MV is really cool visual-wise. It’s simple, but memorable, and I really like the set where they all lie together, the ceiling that looks like water is cool~

Lyrics: 5/5
The song is about having been left by the girl they loved. She is fine, but they are unable to move on and can’t forget the girl. They are begging their hearts to close to the girl, and asking why it won’t let her go, even though they are begging it to. They tell the girl to “listen to my heartbeat” and asking if she knows their pain, if she felt it too and why she just threw them away. It isn’t slow and sad, or else I would have taken a point off for not being as original, but it is fast and almost angry. It’s really cool. I absolutely love the message behind the lyrics.
Listen to my heart beat/ It’s beating for you/ listen to my heart beat/ it’s waiting for you/ still not knowing it’s over/ I don’t understand why I’m like this/ Listen to my heartbeat/ it’s beating for you/ listen to my heartbeat/ it’s waiting for you/ it still hurts thinking of you/ I think of you every time my heart beats

Dancing: 9/5
The choreography for this song is so cool~ I think it only worked because of the theme of the song and strong back beat that is made to sound like a heart beating. The dance is not smooth, but choppy. It follows the beat of the song. Even when it is going through what would be a smooth action normally, they jerk as though their whole body is beating with their heart. I don’t quite understand the pyramid formation they do near the end, but they got points back for the break-dancing move in which a member does a jump and instead of landing normally he falls to his back, lifts once with the beat, and falls limp.

Story: NA
There isn’t a story beyond the lyrics. The set is dim and barren, completely simple to fit the mood of the song.

Other Interesting Things
There seems to be a common theme of tying the very back of the hair up. This became popular after the leader of Super Junior started doing it. Several members have this style, I just wanted to say that on Nichkhun and Junsu it looks like they have antennae, it’s kind of funny ^^

My friend loves any song in which you have both rock and violins. This MV cuts between shots of the group and shorts of an orchestra, and it looks really great!

At the end of the MV you see the members lying as though they are dead, and in the beginning you see a member who looks like he is coming back from the dead. Also, the music suddenly flat-lines, literally (the sound a heart monitor makes when the person dies). I think that is supposed to be a sign of finally letting the girl go. Since their heart was beating for her, it is no longer beating and therefore I think it is supposed to mean they no longer need her. Of course, they all look like they died, so maybe it just means their hearts gave out from the pain of the whole situation.

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