It Has to Be You- Super Junior’s Yesung

Um, I’m not entirely sure if this should be reviewed as an MV, since you see absolutely nothing of the singer, but it is seriously an amazing song and I just want to recommend it ^^.

Lyrics: 9/5
This is the most amazing song~ It is not the usual content for a song though. It takes place after loosing the one you love, either to a breakup or just having falling away from them. The song is about longing for that person, and telling them that no matter what they cannot live without them, it is painful to be apart, but the singer will endure it because they are happy loving that person.
It has to be you/ I can’t do it without you/ Like this, one day, one month or one year later/ It’s ok even if my heart is hurt/ Because I love only you.

Dancing: NA

Story: Erm~/5
Ok, so this isn’t a real MV, I confess. The song is the OST (main theme song) for a drama called “Cinderella’s Sister”, and the MV is kind of like an advertisement for the series. It’s still an official MV, it’s just an MV for a show rather than a song. I’m watching the drama now, and I’m about halfway through the first episode, so I don’t know what to rate it, but it received outstanding reviews and ratings while it was on (just a few months ago). The story is about a girl who has lived with no permanent home because of her mother is flighty to say the least (in the show she says her mother has had 1,000,000 men since she was born, not in a dirty way, just she never settles down). Her mother actually does settle, with a man and his young daughter. The mother grows very close to this new stepdaughter, but she has always neglected her own daughter. The story follows this girl, who comes to hate her perfect Cinderella-like stepsister. The stepsister comes to hate her too, as the boy this girl has a crush on falls in love with the main character.

Other Interesting Things
Instead of the MV without english subtitles I’m posting a clip of the song performed live. It’s only been performed live once, and it was so perfect I can’t leave it out of the review.

The song is performed only by Super Junior lead singer Yesung. He was chosen specifically by the composer of the song since he had the perfect voice for it. After the song was released it received truly incredible attention. The song became so popular it placed #3 overall on music charts, and these charts are usually dominated by idol groups! Even now the song retains high popularity, and celebrities from all over Korea have said on shows that they listen to the song on repeat and have nothing but praise for it.

A couple of notes on the live video. First, you’ll hear fans shouting in the back. They are yelling “Kim Jong-Woon”, Yesung’s real name. Yesung is a stage name given to him which means “Art-Like Vocals”, since his name is more common in Korea and there was already a Jong-Woon in the entertainment world (it’s kind of like Matt or David in English). Also, you’ll see a large group of dorks dressed in white holding a picture of Yesung and swaying along with the song. That is the rest of Super Junior, who performed their award-winning (several times award winning actually) song Bonamana right after. Yesung has never sung a song solo like this before, and they were calling it his solo debut, and he wanted the members on stage with him while he sang.

And here is another live performance (this one for Super Junior member Heechul’s radio program Youngstreet). Just because I love this song so much. It is for viewable radio, so the video quality isn’t like what it would be on TV, but this song is really perfect ^^

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