Shock- Beast

I’m just starting to listen to stuff by Beast, and so far I’m impressed. This is the music style I like the most- the fast dance style with an addictive beat.

Lyrics: 3/5
I almost always give the lyrics full points, but that is because I like the message. I really love the lyrics to this song, but I took points off because I’m not sure I’m completely getting what they are saying… Even watching the translations I am a little confused. I think it is a message begging an old love to come back, apologizing for something they did wrong… I just don’t understand what “shock” is in the song. The song is seriously awesome, and I completely love it, but when I actually sat down to write this I realized I don’t understand what it is about~ the beginning seems to take place just before a breakup, the middle takes place during the breakup, and the end is after everything is over? Maybe that’s the key~
Every day I shock/ Every night I shock/ I’m sorry, could you please come back to my side?/ Every day I shock/ Every night I shock/ Because of you I can’t even think straight, oh/ come to me/ oh-oh-oh tonight’s so-so crazy/ come back-back-back to me/ I’m waiting for you, you!/ oh-oh-oh tonight’s so-so crazy/ that’s why I think I won’t be able to wake up form this/ This is ma shock

Dance: 5/5
I really love this dance. It’s very together and looks awesome, but it is very easy to follow. I’m not sure what all to say about it, haha ^^

Story: NA
There isn’t a story in the MV. The set is very familiar, I think CUBE Entertainment uses it in a lot of MVs. I can’t think right now where I’ve seen it, other than Beast’s “Take Care of My Girlfriend (Say No)” MV. The end of the MV features a girl sitting in the big cube chair where the wristbands and gloves of one member are sitting as though he vanished on the chair. At the bottom it says “Up Next From the Cube”, I don’t think this is part of a story for the MV though. I think it might be a way to reveal a new singer getting ready for her debut.

Other Interesting Things
I’m a pretty new fan of Beast. They seem to have gotten great popularity in a very short amount of time, and hopefully they will be around for a long time to come.

I don’t have much to say here, I don’t know any behind-the-scenes type stuff about this MV… But it’s really great!


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