Why Did I Fall In Love With You?- Dong Bang Shin Ki

Ok, since this song is in Japanese I shouldn’t be tagging it as a Korean MV, but the band is Korean, and I don’t have any other MVs to put in the Japanese section. I’m not creating a whole section for the MVs of one group, sorry! Technically since this song is in Japanese it isn’t by Dong Bang Shin Ki, but by Tohoshinki, which is under a different company is is for all intents and purposes a completely separate group, but the members are exactly the same, so I’m counting them as Dong Bang Shin Ki. See the Artist Profile for an explanation on that if you’re confused.

Lyrics: 4/5
Everybody looses a point! I really like this song, and it is one of my favorites for the group. You might remember my review of “A Friend’s Confession” by 2AM, the song about loving your friend and begging them to see it. Well, I mentioned in that review several songs of that type came out around the same time, and this is one of them. Hence “Everybody looses a point”. There is one other MV I have from the same period, and that is going to loose a point on the lyrics as well. This song really isn’t something to listen to if you want to be happy. It’s completely depressing. The song is about loving someone with all your heart, but then that person falls in love with someone else, and they are miserable, asking themselves why they ever fell in love.
Why did I fall in love with you?/ No matter how much time has passed/ I still always thought you would be right here/ But you have already chosen a path that is different/ Why could I not get through to you at all?/ The feelings get stronger each day and night/ And words overflow/ But I have realized/ they would never reach you again

Dance: NA
This group usually dances at least in part of their MVs, but there is no dancing for this sad song.

Story: 5/5
Good god, it’s more depressing than the song! The story starts with a boy and girl standing on a bridge together talking. The girl and boy stand together in silence, then she says “I am getting married”. You can tell she wants the boy to protest, to say he loves her, but he just says he hopes they will be happy and walks away. You get further flashbacks to the two meeting in class, she sat next to him. They were friends for a long time, then she started dating and eventually got married. Throughout the ceremony she keeps looking to him, and he tries to smile to him. Seriously, you can tell they both want each other, but it is too late.

Other Interesting Things
I don’t know what to say. As usual, I have the MV playing on my computer on repeat while I write this review, and I’m just getting more and more depressed~ I really like sad songs though.

One thing I would like to note: the expressions on the DBSK members are excellent. Usually they are good with the song, but seem a little flat. The members Micky and Jaejoong are perfect (the first two to sing). Max (the tenor) needs some serious help, he should stop smiling like he’s singing a happy love song. The other two, Yunho and Junsu, are pretty close, but Micky and Jaejoong are really perfect.

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