Behind-The-Scenes Programs

You know how almost every MV has a behind-the-scenes video? Well, several of the MVs I’ve reviewed here were filmed in time with an entire show. These shows offer behind the scenes content you don’t usually find, and so I thought I’d recommend them to you. Most of these are for music videos by 2AM or 2PM, but there is an SNSD in there as well.

Dirty Eyed Girls: Abracadabra
Group(s): 2AM and 2PM
Program: Wild Bunny
This music video was actually filmed FOR a program specifically. 2PM was set to film a new kind of show called “Wild Bunny”. This reality show allowed the members to let go of their idol image and do what they want. Their first mission in the show was to break out of their dorm in the middle of the night and just go have fun. The second mission was to do a photoshoot completely controlled by the group so that they could take whatever pictures they wanted without having to worry about their images. The show was filmed during a period of time in which members were taking time off for their vacations as they got ready to release their new album. During the filming of one episode 4 members were gone. This left the remaining 3 lost about what to film, they just knew they would have to film something to take up an hour long broadcast. In the end they decided to call brother group 2AM and film anything they could with them. Upon meeting with 2AM members Seulong and JoKwon, the 2PM members talked them into forming some kind of new group. They decided to record a song and after much arguing they settled on the Brown Eyed Girls “Abracadabra”. Those of you who have seen the MV they filmed as a result know it is nothing like the original, so this show chronicles how the idea got from a simple concept to what is known internationally as “The Gay Chinese Stripper Music Video” (seriously, if someone can explain to me where they got “Chinese” from that would be great!).

You have to wait until the last couple of minutes of this clip for the behind the scenes to start. The beginning is the end of a mission the members had in which they had to play 100 pranks against member Taecyeon in one day.

We Fell in Love
Group(s): 2AM’s JoKwon and Brown Eyed Girls Gain (pronounced gah-een)
Program: We Got Married
This song was made as a duet for the popular couple. It was initially written by JoKwon, but that version was scrapped and they started from scratch with the composer and lyricist of “Abracadabra” as well as Brown  Eyed Girls member Jea. The song was released as a single with the jacket design having been based off a Polaroid picture the couple took when they were sent to the mountains to ski. The song became very popular and all proceeds from it were donated to charity. A note on what you will see in the video: Jea, the composer, and the lyricist are all working hard to insult JoKwon and make him feel unwelcome. They are not against him personally or anything. When Gain went to meet JoKwon’s group mates earlier in the show they teased Gain and did whatever they could to stress her out. This is their turn to get even for Gain.

The Day I Confessed
Group: 2AM’s JoKwon
Program: We Got Married
This song was written by JoKwon for Gain on the show. It made it’s first appearance as a joke when the couple was given their first real home. On the show each couple is given a house they are to move their things into and once a week they must sleep in the house and act as a real married couple. JoKwon and Gain became an instant hit when they were not given an apartment as their first home, but a shipping container with some drywall put up on the inside. The “house” would be trucked out to wherever they were filming. After several weeks they were given an actual apartment and to celebrate JoKwon decided to write a song. The song was forgotten and reappeared when the couple was again moved, this time into a luxurious apartment (they have one of the nicest homes ever to appear on the show). JoKwon had continuously worked on the song and recorded a demo to his iPod. Recently the song has resurfaced once again, this time finished. It is also known as the “Moving Song”. After watching an early form of the song on a program, SHINee members helped to promote it by singing just a bit of the song during the filming of “Hello Baby”, though they did not introduce it. The song’s constant appearance has fueled the rumors that the couple is actually dating. They have been questioned by their fellow members, members of other groups, fans, their company presidents, and other couples on the show, but they never say one way or the other. On the program JoKwon has said numerous times he is not against the idea of dating should it arise, while Gain has said the same thing.

The first appearance

A second mini-appearance

Then it’s third appearance after the move

And the finished product

And as a bonus- the “I Hate Nichkhun” version

I Can’t Let You Go (Even If I Die)
Group: 2AM
Program: We Got Married
This is not a behind the scenes so much as an evil prank. JoKwon was filming the MV when he usually would be filming We Got Married. He decided to invite wife Gain to the set, then conspired with members of 2AM to turn the heat up. They told him he wasn’t being forward enough and gave some (really bad) advice. Together they came up with a plan to create the first kiss between Gain and JoKwon (couples on the show don’t actually kiss, this is considered the main evidence that they are actually dating). Gain was invited to the set of the MV as a guest appearance. She would be the girl in the MV, who JoKwon had to catch leaving, pin against a wall, and kiss. But the two’s nerves made them film over and over again. Did he ever actually get around to kissing her, or did she figure out what was up? See for yourself~

I Was Wrong
Group: 2AM
Program: 2AM Day
This show was a very informal one that followed the group 2AM as they filmed the story MV for their new song, released the song, and held their first live performance. It was only 4 episodes long. The key behind this show was that there were no camera crews or staff at all during the filming: everything was filmed by the members of 2AM on a digital camera they owned. These home videos were collected for the filming. The content is not exclusively the music video however. Members filmed themselves visiting family, filming dramas, taking baths (you don’t see anything but his face), and just sitting in the car making faces. It really is a hilarious program.

Into the New World
Group: So Nyeo Shi Dae (SNSD)
Program: Girls Go to School
This program follows SNSD as they prepare for their 2007 debut. You see the members move into their first dorm together and film their music video, the show ends just after their official debut performance. In the first episode of the show visiting Super Junior members Leeteuk and Shindong help SNSD to throw a party their first night in their dorms. Shindong then says he will arrange for the members to see a filming of any show they want. He makes a few calls and gets them as spectators for the show School of Rock, a program where a band is brought secretly to a school for a guerrilla concert. After the first recording however they are informed the program staff was uncomfortable with their presence as spectators and that SNSD is formally invited to be a warm-up band who performs while the band that is going to be filmed is preparing. Most of the show is SNSD at various School of Rock tapings, eventually being the main themselves. Each episode is narrated by Super Junior member Sungmin and Super Junior makes an appearance in every episode somewhere. This was to show support for SNSD as their younger sister group as well as to help draw viewers to the show. It was filmed shortly after the 2007 Super Junior car accident and so member Kyuhyun is one of the only ones who does not appear in the filming.

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