I Was Wrong- 2 AM

I can’t speak highly enough on this MV. I really can’t. What was lacking in “A Friends Confession” (a showcase of the members extreme talent) is completely made up for here, and then some. I love everything about this MV~ even if the lyrics are a little confusing at first when put with the story.

Lyrics: 6/5
This song gets an extra point for breaking the usual mold of 2 AM. I’ll do their Artist Profile in just a little bit, but they are a ballad group. They don’t do fast songs. This is the first time they have EVER done a dance song, and it turned out really great. It is a blend of dance and ballad, and kind of straddles the line, which sounds awesome! The song is a message to a girl (as all guy-group songs are). It is almost an apology, but an accusation as well. The girl was playing them, and they did not notice. The ballad side of the song sounds like they are apologizing for not noticing they were being played, while the dance side of the song is… not angry, but upset with the girl for playing them.
You say “I’m sorry” for only that moment/ You say “I’ll change” for only that moment/ my heart is in pa-pa-pain, it hurts/ but I can’t help but repeating/ I did you wrong, wrong, wrong/ your words were so, so, so sweet that/ I didn’t realize you were playing with me, me, me/ with your words, words, words everyday/ baby you~ breaking my heart/ baby you~ hurting my heart/ I want to stop this/ I know this is wrong/ but I keep going back to you

Dancing: 10/5
Though you don’t see it in the MV, this song is actually choreographed lightly. Again, it is getting points for being a novelty for the group. I’m adding a video of a live performance so you can see what I’m talking about, but there is an element to the dance I’ve never seen before, and I think it was a stroke of pure genius. Each member is assigned one of the groups customary 4 backup dancers (though why a ballad group has backup dancers I swear I’ll never know). These dancers dress completely in black from head to toe, and act as shadows or puppet masters to the boys. It carries over the theme of them being controlled by the girl, but the shadows look really awesome. There is also a part in the song where the shadows grab the back of the members pants and brace them while the members just lean far forwards. It looks really amazing~ One thing though- the “Sorry Sorry” hand motion did not go unnoticed! The choreographer was a genius, but I guarantee you that it was not the same guy as “Sorry Sorry”, he shouldn’t be referencing choreography from not only a different group, but a different group from a different entertainment company entirely.

Story: 9/5
I can’t praise this MV high enough. While there are MVs I personally like more, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this MV, dance, or story, and it’s a refreshing new direction for the group. The story is sad as hell though. There is actually 2 parts to the MV, each about 6 minutes long, and it forms an overarching pictures. I don’t think the song goes with the second part at all, but remember when I said the song is half apologetic, half angry? You can think of Part 1 of the MV as the anger, and Part 2 as the apology I guess. The song actually doesn’t appear in most of the second MV, so it isn’t as confusing. I think like half the chorus appears.

So here is the story: These four members used to be best friends and classmates with the girl. They all had crushes on her, and all of them were inseparable. Eventually though they all became jealous of one another, thinking the girl loved one of the others. Eventually the girl moved away, and the friends hated one another for this imagined betrayal. They all fell out of their lives and lost interest. One abandoned his hockey team, one lost interest in basketball, one road his motorcycle alone, and one threw himself into his work as a DJ. Each became detached from their lives and dreams. It is college now, and suddenly one day the girl appears in their classroom, as a new student. Slowly she pulls herself back in to the members lives, and the old jealousy returns. They finally break down and fight one another, until she comes in and screams for them to stop. She then patches up each one and leaves. And they start to realize their mistake. In the beginning of Part 2 you see that the next day they met her all together in the hall of the university, each holding cattails (which they had in a flashback when they were all little kids and friends). At the end of Part 1 you see the girl unconscious, and each member first alone in the club, hockey ring, basketball court, and parking lot, disconnected. Then you see them all together with the girl, posing for a picture, but the girl is in a robe.

Part 2 explains the whole issue. You see what she did for each member. She took a ride with the motorcycle boy. She played basketball with the basketball player. She went to the club with the DJ, and she went ice skating with the hockey player. But when he skates away from her and turns back to see her, she is unconscious on the ice. That is when the whole story is revealed. The girl was diagnosed with cancer, inoperable. She was growing weaker, and wanted to see her friends again, that is why she transferred. She repairs each of their relationships with one another, teaches them to live their lives again. The members find out after she collapses on the ice. They all visit their hangouts alone, in shock over the news. Then they get an urgent text to come to the hospital. The girl has them help her make an escape, and they spend the day together with her at a park. Then she dies. After her death you see each member find a way to move on and go back to living their old lives, what the girl wanted for them. The basketball player returns to his team. The hockey player does likewise. The DJ goes back to studying so that he can do what he wants, and the motor cycle rider switches to a bike, and stops ditching school (plus he starts wearing his uniform again).

Other Interesting Things
The story in the MV is really tragic and sad~ like you couldn’t get that from the description, right?

Seriously, this MV is a whole new 2 AM, almost like they were a different group entirely. It’s really impressive to see such a change.

One teasing thing though: You see the lives of the members and girl as if they were all the same age and always together. Well, in real life the members ages range across 5 years between the eldest and youngest. So they actually all wouldn’t be in college or class the same time~ but let’s ignore that!

To the hairdresser: this change actually happened in “I Can’t Let You Go (Even if I Die)”, the song immediately prior to this one, but I’m really glad Jinwoon (the basketball player) got rid of that weird curly hair. It didn’t suit him very well. He looks hotter now!

Here is the promised clip of the live so you can see the dancing for yourself.

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