Grown Ups

Just saw this today. I know it is a little late, the movie has been out for a while from what I’ve heard, but maybe you haven’t seen it yet or maybe it isn’t as old as I think it is.

Plot: Hahaha….wait- /5
The movie is funny, don’t get me wrong, but when you actually sit down and say “the movie was about…” you realize there really is no plot line. The movie takes place when an old junior high basketball coach dies. The film follows his five former championship players as they return for his funeral. One player is now unemployed, one is a stay-at-home mom (but a guy), one is a player and always has been, one is a vegan hippie-type with 3 estranged daughters, and one is a successful Hollywood agent with a famous designer wife. They come together for the first time in years and just try to have fun together. There is no serious conflict in the film, and really no main plot to speak of. It is just a group of friends and their families hanging out.

Acting: 5/5
I liked the performance by Schneider, Spade, Rock, Sandler, and James. The movie wasn’t your typical crappy comedy flick where the humor comes from people getting hit or running into things (though that is still there). A lot of it was more dialogue based and worked well. Normally I find these actors play more shallow and dull characters, but they were good. Especially James and Rock, they did a brilliant job.

I wouldn’t see the movie again, but that is just because it is kind of forgettable with no main plot line. It is definitely a good movie, and funny, it just doesn’t stick after you are done in the theatre.

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