Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Ah~ so tired~ it’s 3am and I am writing this before I go to bed~ I got back just under an hour ago from a midnight showing of Sorcerer’s Apprentice, so I thought I’d review it for you in case you were wondering if you should check it out.

Plot: 5/5
I was actually really surprised by this movie. I was expecting something more like… hum… well, more like one of the last “Pirates of the Caribbean” films. From the trailer it didn’t look like anything special, but the movie has a lot more depth than the previews showed and I ended up really liking it. Not as much as Despicable Me (because there were no small yellow and insanely adorable minions), but I wouldn’t say “no” to seeing it again in the imaginary world where I have more than just one movie’s worth of cash left.

The story is a lot more in depth than the previews, like I said just a couple of fractured sentences ago. It’s about a boy who, at the age of 10, runs into a shop and meets a mysterious man. The man hands him a small metal dragon statue, which abruptly comes to life and winds itself around his finger before turning into a metal ring. The man says the boy is who he has been looking for and goes to get a book. While the boy is fidgeting with the ring he accidentally knocks over a stack of books, from which falls a nesting doll (one of those big dolls that have tons of smaller dolls one inside the other inside of it, where I grew up they were called Russian Dolls). The first layer of the doll opens and an evil sorcerer comes out. He attacks the man, who seals him and the sorcerer in a jar for 10 years. The boy escapes, but everyone thinks he is crazy and he ends up having to transfer away from his school, leaving the girl he had a crush on.

The back story for the man is that he was one of three apprentices trained by Merlin to fight Morgana (as in Morgan Le Fay). One apprentice turned against the other two and helped the sorceress. She killed Merlin and was about to kill the male apprentice when the female apprentice absorbed Morgana’s soul into her body. To keep Morgana imprisoned and keep her from killing the girl from the inside out, the last apprentice, Balthazar, sealed them in a container that looked just like a nesting doll. Merlin gave the man his ring, which turned into a statue of a dragon, and told him that the “Prime Merlinean” (that name is an embarrassment to the movie) would react with the dragon and it would turn into a ring. Only the Prime Merlinean could destroy Morgana. The man spent 1,000 years searching for this boy all over the world until he found him at last. During his travels he imprisoned other Morgana supporters in nesting dolls, burying Morgana deep inside. He eventually caught the other apprentice of Merlin and sealed him in as well.

So the story takes place 10 years after the apprentice seals himself and the evil sorcerer in a jar. They both are released and immediately seek out the nesting dolls, which the boy carried from the shop and threw away 10 years before. They both go after the boy, who is all grown up now and is a total nerd. He is acting as an instructional assistant and teaching a Physics 101 class when he meets the girl he was in love with before. As he unwillingly trains to help Balthazar get his love out of the jar (he doesn’t know that is what he is training for for a while) he falls in love with the girl again, and she starts to fall for him. Through all of this the evil sorcerer is trying to unlock the nesting doll and steal it from Balthazar.

Acting: 5/5
You all know Nicholas Cage of course, but the lead actor in the movie you might not recognize if you aren’t into hardcore comedy movies. This guy (Dave Baruchel) was the voice of the dragon-riding Hiccup in “How to Train Your Pet Dragon”. He’s pretty good as the lead, he does the awkward nice guy routine pretty well, and isn’t as whiny as most actors who take on this task. I really liked the pairing of him and Cage. Honestly, I think Nicholas Cage’s acting is kind of hit or miss, the only movie I ever really liked him in was “National Treasure”. Cage and Baruchel balance each other out well and you get just enough of each to avoid being bored by the other. Oh, and keep an eye out to the tribute to the “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” Fantasia sketch!

Overall I would recommend seeing it. I don’t know how crowded it will be opening day, so waiting for the weekend to see it sounds like a good plan. It is a good movie, I liked it a lot more than I liked other movies that have come out recently, but I don’t think it is worth braving large crowds to check out. Of course, I say that about almost every movie save a “Harry Potter” (I know I said the acting is making it hard to sit through, but I traditionally go opening day~) or “Despicable Me”. Even “Avatar” I only went to after the masses died down. If you don’t have plans this weekend I would recommend checking it out for sure. I hope you are as surprised as I was. So now that I have given you my recommendation on this, I will (finally) go to bed!

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