Announcement- FT Island Reviews

Ah~ finally it all makes sense!

While I was doing the FT Island MV part of the Artist Profile I noticed some repeated shots that never stood out to me before. Remember how I was a little confused as to how the shots in some of the videos fit together? Well, I think I know the answer now. FT Island is known for doing story MVs. I thought they did two major ones (as in 4 MVs that tell two different stories). I realized that I was wrong. My new theory is that EVERY FT Island MV up until “I Hope” is actually part of one long story, since their other MVs all have shots of these same people and events.

So throw out any review I have done of FT Island, I’m starting from scratch. I’m tracking down all of their MVs with english subs, and arranging them in order of release. I will watch everything again and review it as one mega-sized story MV (I’ll split it into parts based on the MV, I’m not going to review like 8 MVs as one, don’t worry!). I’m probably not going to get around to doing it for a few days or even a couple of weeks, but just so you know my reviews of FT Island can’t be trusted. I *will* however be reviewing “I Hope” and “The One”, also a few MVs that I know aren’t part of the story because they are theme songs for dramas.

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