The Losers

This is the movie I keep getting mixed with the “A-Team”. I had to look up the plot summary on IMDB to make sure I got the details right~

Plot: 2/5
Oh~ this movie has an old and tired plot. Like I said for “A-Team”, it really isn’t original and the two movies are actually so similar I’m really surprised one production team hasn’t filed a lawsuit against the other for plagiarism.

Four members of U.S. Special Forces are sent to the Bolivian Jungle to locate a drug facility and destroy it. After calling the location in to a CIA air-strike team, they notice a bus full of children being taken to the base. They try to call off the strike, but the leader of the operation, a man known only as Max, refuses to cancel. The four go in themselves and rescue the kids, taking out the drug lord in the process. They escape just before the place goes up in flames.

A CIA helicopter comes to airlift the men out, and they load it with kids, planning on waiting for it to return for them. The helicopter was a trap meant for them, and it explodes after taking off. The men throw their dog-tags into the flames and allow themselves to be declared dead. The movie follows them as they try to find this Max and get revenge, clearing their name in the process. They learn Max is preparing to start a high-tech war and they were only part of it. The biggest key to finding Max comes from Aisha, a woman with a closed-lip past who seems to have less-than-reputable connections.

Execution: 4/5
This really wasn’t the best movie… It brought humor to the table, but a lot of it felt like stalling for time between plot points.

Acting: 4/5
I personally think Jeffrey Morgan and Chris Evans play the same characters over and over again. They aren’t as bad at this as some actors, who I can’t even watch anymore (*cough*Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Anniston *cough*), but they don’t change their performance much. Don’t get me wrong, Chris Evans is good enough that if he is in a movie I’ll give it a try, but I don’t think they will ever have particularly amazing roles. The lead girl, Zoe Saldana, you may recognize. She is the female lead Neytiri from “Avatar” and “Star Trek”. She is a talented actress, who I think is under-cast much of the time. She definitely proved she is more than capable of taking on many more leading roles.

My recommendation for this one is to wait until it is on HBO. It’s good, but it isn’t run-out-and-buy-it good. It is so similar to “A-Team” someone seriously needs to look into the whole thing and figure out who was copying who. Since A-Team is a re-make of an 80s series they have dibs on the characters that were copied, but I’m not sure who to blame for the plot similarities…

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