V for Vendetta

I think a lot of people have already seen this, but in case you haven’t, I wanted to recommend it. I didn’t watch it myself until it was on TV, and I only saw it because I was home sick and dead bored. I’m glad I watched it.

Plot: 5/5
You wouldn’t know this was based on a comic by the looks of it. I think the fact that it is a comic-based movie really only makes you more willing to accept the strangeness of the lead character. True, the scenes where the advisers to the Chancellor are meeting are very comic-book (Dark room with a big table in front of a massive screen), otherwise it is pretty good.

The story takes place in a future in which the United States is in a very low state (it is described as the “World’s Largest Leper Colony”) and England is withdrawn from the rest of the world and under the control of an all-powerful Chancellor.

One November 5th a young woman who is out after curfew is attacked by “Fingerman”, a Gestapo-like branch of the police. She is saved by a masked man called only V, and taken to watch him blow up a building. She is suspected as being a part of this “V”‘s terrorist organization and he eventually takes her in in order to protect her.

The Chancellor came to power after a virus killed over 100,000 people, and V is somehow tied to the situation. An inspector working for the Chancellor begins to investigate not the bombing, but the death of party members who supported the Chancellor and somehow had ties to a research facility buried by the government. Eve grows close to V and begins to uncover a part of the truth herself. As the next November 5th approaches, V prepares his final work.

Acting: 12/5
The actor who plays V is in charge of most of the extra points. You never see his face, he always wears a mask, but through words and body movements the masked actor manages to make the character more than believable. You can understand his expression and I think his performance is going to be known as one of the best.

Natalie Portman (Eve) and the actor playing the inspector are responsible for everything else. There are no weak links in this movie at all~

I highly recommend watching this film. It is a cerebral thriller without being ostentatious or overdone, like many comic book movies. Seriously, watch this movie, it is phenomenal. If I sound kind of unenthusiastic, it’s because I am re-watching the movie as I am typing it, and I’m kind of distracted by the awesome~

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