Explorers of the Human Body

At it’s core EHB is an educational mythbusters-type show. It deals with different questions regarding the human body (or just anything really) and attempts to answer through experiments and tests the issue. Each episode has a different theme (I’ll list the themes later).

Why it Stands Out:
A health show is hard to market to teens, right? Well, not when you bring in the 13 member mega-hit Super Junior. This is the first variety show in which all 13 members appear together. I think using a band with international popularity as high as Super Junior’s was a brilliant idea. It guarantees viewers and also allows a lighter side to each episode. This is a show anyone can enjoy, regardless of age or if you know who the band is or not. It’s interesting and pretty hilarious. A note: in the first half of the show only 12 members appear. Maknae (Youngest member) Kyuhyun did not participate in early experiments because he was still in the early stages of recovering from his near-fatal car accident.

Episodes (Themes)

1) Tongue and Eyes
2) Stomach and Digestion
3) Strength Part 1
4) Strength Part 2
5) Laughter
6) Balance
7) Flexibility
8] Tear Production and Salt Content of Emotional Tears vs Tears from Stimulation (Onions/fans)
9) Reflexes Part 1 (Featuring Dong Bang Shin Ki)
10) Reflexes Part 2 (Featuring Dong Bang Shin Ki)
11) Archery- Catching an arrow and firing at moving targets
~~This is the first episode in which members are split into a Team 1 and Team 2, they remain in teams for the rest of the series, though the members can change teams based on their performance each week~~
12) Breathing Underwater: Props to Breathe vs Air Exchange
13) Dogs’ Sense of Smell- Out-smarting it

You can find all of these on YouTube or Veoh with English Subtitles

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