Lucifer- SHINee

To be honest the reason I didn’t do any movie or MV reviews yesturday was because I was listening to this song. The album was released yesterday (it’s on iTunes!) and the MV today, so it’s brand new ^^ I was really surprised to see that subbing teams have already put english to this video!

Lyrics: 9/5
While it might be confusing at first, the song really is amazing. It’s about feeling oppressed by a girl they love. Judging by the bridge in the song the girl has been keeping them close but restricted and they feel like they are in prison. They don’t hate the girl, they just feel burdened. The song is them asking the girl to back off a little so they can be in love.
If you tie me down and lock me up/ the future is tied down too, it can’t grow/ freely empty yourself and look at me/ I’ll fill you, I’ll fill you up/ your spell that I can’t reject is LUCIFER

Dancing: 5/5
I think this is the best dance they’ve had yet. It blows Ring Ding Dong out of the water, but there are some reflections back to that dance, especially with Taemin’s solo dance in the background. There is a lot of popping and complicated hand motions. My particular favorite is the last move. If you watch the MV you’ll see it, it’s cool but simple ^^

Story: NA
No story beyond the lyrics I think.

Other Interesting Things
I love the set for this MV. It’s shot to look like it is dark and underground, like a prison. There are fancy foreign cars in the back and a kind of back-light but they are dim and don’t flood the set. I really love the set, it looks cool.

In group shots I’m not sure why Taemin is the only one wearing black and red~ Everyone else is pretty uniform. I guess he is taking a new image of being the devil of the group instead of the cute maknae (Youngest member). Well, it works and looks great!

Ah~ SHINee’s stylist… If it isn’t the costumes it is the hair. In this MV the clothes are a lot cooler, but the hairstyles just look -_- . Usually the reverse is true. Member Minho just has a short haircut and really looks too short for him. And I really don’t think leader Onew has changed at all since the group debuted~ I love Taemin’s new look though, he used to have really puffy hair and now it’s just long and lays pretty flat, it looks great! I’m sorry, but Key looks ridiculous with half his head shaved and dyed blond.

This album and MV received a lot of controversy before it was even released. With just the album preview (which included maybe 15 seconds of the song) their fans started to get agitated. A lot of their Christian fans were worried about the content of a song called “LUCIFER”. SM Entertainment eventually had to release a statement saying that “Lucifer” merely meant a feeling of being in hell when trapped in love. Indeed, you can replace any mention of “Lucifer” in the MV with the word “Devil”, but it wouldn’t have sounded as cool, which is why I think they changed it. For example lines like “Her whisper is the LUCIFER”. It’s just devil, it’s harmless. I was really surprised all of this controversy came up after just a 15 second teaser of the song, but it seems to have died down a bit since SM Entertainment made their statement.

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