Artist Profile- Xing

Let me just say that what happened to Xing as a group was kind of sad…


You’ll see in a bit why the group is kind of hard to do a profile over. I’m going to put in a very wikipedia-esque breakdown of the members. I won’t be putting a discography now, because I really can’t find most of their music videos, especially not after Kevin left the group (the U-Kiss fans are the ones keeping those videos alive).

I only recently learned of the group Xing. Apparently it was formed under the company Xing Entertainment, though their singers have kind of gone to the wind. Apparently they are still active, but I haven’t heard anything from them recently, so I’m not sure just what is happening there. Apparently they released a CD June of last year. It looks like the group was dissolved into a 5 member team and a 3 member one set to debut eventually.

Xing 1

Xing had multiple “Generations”. The company said these generations were intentional, that every now and then members would rotate out and be replaced. This announcement only cam long after the turmoil of members leaving the group and company to pursue other options. Xing 1 was comprised of members Marumir, Kevin, Yume, and Hyesung.


Xing 2


Just after the group debuted Marumir left for another entertainment company and withdrew from Xing. He was replaced by Poppin’ Dragon and ZEN. So the new lineup is Kevin, Yume, Hyesung, Poppin’ Dragon, and ZEN.


Xing 3



Next the turmoil came again when Hyesung suddenly left with no statement and no farewell to the fans. Shortly after Yume also left. After Yume left Poppin’ Dragon decided to leave. Kevin (the last original member) and ZEN joined up with Yoon, White, Husky, Gun, and Kipalang… And then Kevin left. Now the group is kind of still in the air. They were rumored to have been split into a 5 and 3 member group, all still with the name Xing, but the 3 member group has yet to debut and the 5 member group dissolved. This, children, is why we don’t make rotational idol groups.



“Marumir” Kim Kibum
Marumir was the first member to leave Xing in July of 2007. He told the fans not to be sad over his departure, that he was leaving for a better future for himself. He bid good luck to the members and left with no animosity. Marumir became a trainee at MH Entertainment, where he later was joined by member Kevin and the two debuted in the group U-Kiss (Marumir under his real name), where they still are.


Kevin survived through all generations of Xing, and was the only of the original members to do so. He decided to leave in April of 2008 for MH Entertainment. 4 months later he debuted as a member of U-Kiss with former Xing member Kevin.


Yume stayed through the first two generations of Xing, leaving in January of 2008. He announced his departure through an announcement on his home page.


Hyesung also survived through to the second generation of Xing. He left in late 2007 suddenly. No statement or announcement was made by him or by the company as to his leaving or why he chose to depart.



~~Second Generation members were added at the departure of Marumir~~

Poppin' Dragon/ Joon Hyung

“Poppin’ Dragon”/ JoonHyung
Poppin’ Dragon stayed in Xing until January of 2008. He announced his departure a day after Yume. Poppin’ Dragon moved to Cube Entertainment, where he later became a member of the group Beast/B2ST under his real name.


I could not find any information on when ZEN left Xing or what he is doing now. He was not one of the members in the last generation or those placed in the groups that formed at the bands dissolving. I also could not find any images of ZEN.


~~Generation 3 came into being after the departure of HyeSung, Yume, and Poppin’ Dragon.~~



Yoon was a former member of the group “Singing in the Rain”. He will be placed in a new boy-band with Gun and three other trainees.




Just like Yoon, White was another member of “Singing in the Rain” to be placed in Xing. Since the groups disbandment he has debuted in the new group The Boss. As the group debuted in March of this year I do not know about them (Actually, I’ve never heard of them…).




Husky is yet another former member of “Singing in the Rain”. He also debuted in The Boss with White.




Gun is the last member of Xing to have come from “Singing in the Rain”. He is going to debut with Yoon in a new group with 3 other members.




The only member of Generation 3 to NOT come from the same band as the others. He debuted with White and Husky in The Boss.


After the second Generation of Xing gave way to the third their company announced that they would be a rotational group, with members coming in and out. It was a last-ditch attempt to comfort the fans, and Xing dissolved when the third Generation was split.

The reason I said it was a sad story early on is that it is a shame to see this group go through so much in only 2 and a half years (Yes, all of this happened in just 2 years. They debuted in December of 2006 and dissolved by late 2009). I’ve only seen the first two generations of Xing, with Kevin and Kibum, but they sounded good and seemed promising. I think once the third Generation came into being they were doomed though, a group needs to be more permanent, especially in it’s early years. With members leaving every few months I’m not surprised their fan base left.

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