Attack on the Pin-Up Boys

Haha, I like this movie a lot ^^ I think much of it’s charm comes from the cast, and there are a lot of jokes mixed in that kind of require knowledge in that area, but I’ll try to explain things so you can understand them.

Plot: 3/5
I absolutely love this movie, but without the cast they have I think I wouldn’t be interested in it. The film has a cute plot I think younger kids would like, but if it weren’t for the comedy it couldn’t hold up. The movie doesn’t really have any big depth, and it doesn’t make you think much, but I like it.

Attack on the Pin-Up Boys revolves around a mystery. In 3 months the “Flower Boys” (a Korean term for good-looking guys) of three different schools have been attacked. While walking home the three were called by a mysterious culprit and had poo thrown at their faces. Since no one was seriously injured, the police were unable to investigate fully, but the media heavily covered each incident. The boys who were attacked, pretty-boy Sungmin, basketball star HanKyung, and rocker Yesung, shot to stardom after the coverage of their attacks. Kibum, a high school student, is a popular blogger on the incident, which his investigative spirit has made him the expert on.

Kibum comes to realize that the attacks are following a pattern and that the pretty boy of his school will be next. However, his school doesn’t have one top pretty boy, but three.

First is Siwon, the serious and cold Student Body President, who has an IQ “Equal to his height in terms of centimeters” (needless to say he is very tall). Siwon is flanked at all times by members of the Student Counsel and most notably his Vice President Ryeowook.

Next is Heechul, who leads the school’s dance team. He is always flanked by Shindong and Donghae. Donghae is also in Kibum’s class and is one of his friends. When the school is named as a target, Donghae starts his own investigation into who might be the perp and what clues exist at the other crime scenes.

The final possibility is Kangin, the school’s judo champion. He is surrounded by his two sparring partners: Eunhyuk and a Panda (not joking, it is a very bad panda costume and everyone treats him like a bear).

Each of the three begin to compete for the status as the school’s top pretty-boy so that they will be chosen by the attacker. The movie is about them competing as well as Donghae and Kibum’s investigation into why the attacker suddenly breaks his pattern and skips a month in his attack plans. It all winds up to the surprise revelation as to the culprit’s identity (stay tuned after the credits for his accomplice).

The cast of the movie: L-R (back to front): Kangin, Eunhyuk, Leeteuk, Sungmin, Hangeng, Yesung, Ryeowook, Siwon, Kibum, Heechul, Shindong and Donghae- AKA: Super Junior (minus Kyuhyun)

Acting: 6/5
The acting in this is perfect. Let me explain why: did you notice some of those character names sounding familiar? Well, this movie was written specifically for those actors. Yep, Attack on the Pin-Up Boys is Super Junior’s movie. All main characters (except for adults, all speaking characters) are played by Super Junior members. The movie was a gift for Super Junior’s fanclub ELF (Everlasting Friends). It actually got low reviews in theaters, but had a great sale DVD-wise. The movie relies on Super Junior to make up for the light plot, but that wasn’t a bad move! The members acted expertly, and in fact those in the group who *are* trained actors had the lead roles, the only exception being Donghae, who was trained as a dancer. For “Attack on the Pin-Up Boys” member Ryeowook received two nominations for the Korean Movie Awards- “Best Comedic Performance” and “Best New Actor”.

There are jokes in the movie you might not get without some explanation, so here you go:

The actor playing the Panda is not just some random extra, but it is member Ryeowook. He is the only actor to have two roles in the movie. In the Music Video at the end of the film the Panda’s head is taken off and you see Super Junior leader Leeteuk inside the costume. Leeteuk was in the hospital recovering from a car accident while the movie was filmed. Using a fansite he managed to track down the filming site on the last day and was given a cameo in the music video. Leeteuk and Kyuhyun are the only members not featured in the movie, as both were hospitalized in early 2007 by the same accident.

So what is up with Ryeowook’s Vice President character? Well, Ryeowook decided when he saw the hairstyle that he was supposed to be serious, but the other members told him to be funny, so he went for outrageous.

When Heechul and Kangin are sitting together in the restaurant there is a song playing in the background. Their response to it is “what the hell is that? turn it off!”. The song is “Rokkugo”, Super Junior- T’s mega-hit song. Kangin and Heechul are both featured heavily as vocals in the song. Also in the bar they talk about their love for singer BoA. BoA is another singer under SM Entertainment, the company who founded Super Junior. She is the only female solo singer in SM Entertainment and is close friends with both guys.

When Donghae is in the bathroom he is singing Super Junior’s “U”. The song was Super Junior’s first major hit and it won them their first awards.

The uncoordinated Eunhyuk from the Judo team is actually the lead dancer of Super Junior.

At the end of the film Heechul meets a break-dancing ballerina. This is Yuri, future member of Super Junior’s sister group So Nyeo Shi Dae, who made their debut just after the film was released.

In the music video at the end of the film one of the backup dancers is Key, future member of Super Junior’s brother group SHINee, who debuted in 2008.

There is a rumor with this movie that is greatly debated among ELF fanclub members. One of Siwon’s goons (you don’t see him because apart from Ryeowook and a girl none of Siwon’s goons are shown from the front) and one of the dancers in the music video is said to be future Super Junior- M member Henry, whose presence created the Only 13 and Only 15 divide in Super Junior’s fanclub. The greatest evidence to support his being in the movie is near the end of the music video when Kangin leads a pyramid of students towards the camera as part of the dance. Over Kangin’s right shoulder is the dancer thought to be Henry. I personally think it is, but I haven’t seen a clear enough picture to be sure either way.

I do recommend seeing this movie. Even though the plot is a bit simple, the acting is great, and it always puts a smile on my face. The characters are goofy and based on the member’s own personalities (or mean to make fun of the members normal personalities). Also, if you are a new fan to Super Junior it is a great way to learn the names and put them to faces. You won’t see Kyuhyun at all, and you will only see a little of Leeteuk, but you’ll get the other 11.

Here is the trailer

You can watch the movie with english subtitles on YouTube

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