Rant #7- Company/Band Names in Songs

This has been driving me crazy! Anyone else out there notice how groups from certain companies ALWAYS say their company and band names in songs??? I can understand new groups saying their name in a song, I can’t blame them for trying to promote their group. But what is with so many title songs having the company name in there too???

It isn’t like the company is going to make more money if the fans know who owns the bands. You just need to promote the group to get the financing.

Three companies are REALLY bad about this: Cube Entertainment, JYP Entertainment (the brother company to Cube), and the composers known as Brave Sound (or Brave Brothers).

I don’t see why they keep doing this! At least Cube Entertainment got a little creative about it (I’ll give examples later), but I seriously don’t understand what the point is of always claiming the artists. We get it, you control them, but title songs should promote the band, not the company.

The Brave Brothers are good composers, their songs are always tagged “Brave Sound”, but that’s just it: they are ALWAYS TAGGED. In the lyrics you hear the composers nickname!

One company who has been guilty of this is SM Entertainment (my personal favorite, they haven’t released a group I don’t love). However, SM Entertainment shows immense restraint and you really can’t count it as appearing in title songs. For those of you who don’t know, SM does a concert series each year called SM Town Live. SM Town is the name given to all the debuted singers under SM Entertainment. It’s like every group in SM Entertainment is also part of the SM Town band. When the concert comes around SM also releases a special summer album that all groups participate in. This is where SM is mentioned in their songs, as “SM Town”. The only MV this has appeared in, however, is Super Junior’s “Dancing Out” (which was for the summer album). So SM doesn’t get ranted at.

I understand that kind of placement, the kind for special circumstances, but when you do it constantly in MVs it just gets annoying!

I’m going to go through my MV list now and listen to the beginning of EVERY MV I have. Whenever I hear the company mentioned I will let you know. I tend not to download MVs from companies like that, but let’s try this.

JYP Entertainment
10 Out of 10
Without You

4 Minute
Cube Entertainment

Cube Entertainment
~~At least in “Shock” they got creative with the song title and company by saying “There’s a Beast in the Cube”

Super Junior
SM Entertainment
Dancing Out
~~This is the MV I gave a pass to because it is from the summer album where all groups participate~~

Brave Sound Composers
Am I That Easy?
~~This one gets laugh points. The composers appear in the lyrics through “U Kiss and Brave Sound”. Except they don’t pronounce it clearly, and it sounds like “You kiss and rapes ’em”. First time I heard this I was confused to say the least!~~
Round and Round

See? I don’t like to download songs like that. Brave Sound is absolutely horrible about this, and it’s really annoying. The songs are great, and the company call out doesn’t subtract from the song (for the most part…*cough*AmIThatEasy*cough*), but an MV is about the band, not the company.

  1. #1 by Miss Gee on April 3, 2011 - 3:27 am

    Hi! I love your reviews and rants btw 🙂

    But I just want to point out another example, if you watch the MV for 2PM’s My Color you can hear them say “JYP” or something like that out loud. (Note: You can only hear this in the MV not the original song…as the song was also a promoting advertisement)

    Sorry! ^^ Just wanted to point that out!

    • #2 by tweetweetbang on April 3, 2011 - 9:12 am

      I’d forgotten about that MV! *goes to download it* thanks for the heads up! There are a lot more MVs now with company names in them, so I’ll have to update that ^^

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